How many of you are stuck with ugly carpet flooring because your rental agreement does not allow you to replace or rip it out? Or maybe you still don’t have money for new flooring? Considering how huge of an area flooring covers, it can be difficult to conceal an ugly carpet. The good news is that you can still have a cozy and pretty room in spite of bad carpeting.

Here are four ways to make dingy carpeting a lot more bearable.

Cover it up

Instead of living with that hideous carpet flooring, cover it up with a rug you absolutely love. Choose rugs that are at least 5×7 feet. One large area rug can conceal large portions of the carpet. Laying an area rug over your old carpeting will not only improve the look of the room, it will also offer extra cushion as well. Your feet will certainly thank you later.

Another idea is to place your sofa or other large furniture over the stained areas. This is a good idea if the carpet has stains that even professional cleaners can’t get rid of.

Create a focal point

Take the focus away from dated carpeting by placing some nice-looking furniture. Have a focal point such as a fabulous dining table, a big TV screen, a gorgeous fireplace or a large piece of art. Furniture may not be able to cover the carpet, but all eyes will now be focused on your focal points as opposed to the floor.

Match it

Choose accents, finishes and furniture with a similar tone. If your carpeting looks brown, then go for tan or khaki pillows, blankets and other accessories. The idea is to find furnishings and accessories that will blend well with the carpet; thus, making it unnoticeable.

Ignore it

If all else fails, just ignore it. Clean and vacuum the carpet regularly. Also, have it professionally cleaned every year. The carpet may not be as good looking as it used to be, but you’ll feel a lot better by keeping your carpet clean.

When all else fails, contact us for a new carpet installation!