Designing and transforming your home into a beautiful and charming abode is certainly not an easy task. While the paint colors, furnishings, accessories and other decors can help you achieve the perfect appearance, let’s not forget that your flooring also plays a big role in achieving the vision and dream that you have for your home.

This blog post offers guidance in choosing the right tile pattern for your space. Here are a few tile flooring patterns to duplicate in your home.

Checkerboard Flooring Pattern

The checkerboard pattern is done by laying down square tiles in either diagonal or straight line pattern. This is often used in small spaces such as the bathrooms because it makes a strong statement. While the checkerboard is often created by alternating black and white tiles, you are free to use different colors. For a subtle look, use different shades of a color. If you want to add a pop of color to your room, you can also go with bold, contrasting colors.

Straight Lay Tile Pattern

The straight lay tile pattern is the most popular floor and wall tile pattern in the world. This design is commonly used because it’s easiest to install and offers a clean, simple, yet modern look. The simple styling of the straight lay pattern is also ideal for small spaces.

Since the tiles are laid in a straight line, this makes a perfect, practical solution for rooms that have a more complicated design, patterns, and colors without clashing or competing with them. Plus, its simplicity means it can work with every style or decor. It works anywhere and everywhere.

Herringbone Flooring Pattern

This is a solid tile pattern you may want to consider, particularly if you are planning to install tiles in a small room such as narrow hallways or bathrooms. The V-shaped repetition creates movement, creating the illusion of more width. The herringbone is a great way to visually expand a room.

Even though a herringbone can fall in the easier tile patterns, there are more intricate herringbone patterns that may be too tricky for DIY installation.

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