Small is beautiful, practical and easy. But with the lack of space, rooms can sometimes feel confining and uncomfortable. You tried to paint the walls with a light color, install wall-to-wall mirrors and arrange the furniture cleverly. You’ve tried almost every trick just to make the room look bigger, but it still feels so small.

It turns out, the right flooring gives the impression of a wider space. It may be impossible to increase the square footage of a small room, but you can easily fool the eye with these flooring tricks.

Trick #1: Continuous Flooring

For a feeling of space throughout your home, consider using the same floor in all rooms. Another option is to use the same flooring material in adjacent spaces to give the illusion of having one large room.

Trick #2: Small Tile Floors

Installing very small tiles in a small space can make the room look bigger. Because we are seeing so many small tiles, it tricks our mind into thinking that the room is bigger than it actually is.

While very small tiles can make a small room look bigger, this makes the bathroom quite difficult to clean and maintain. With all those grout lines comes the hassle of scrubbing and cleaning. Since the grout has the tendency to absorb all kinds of stains, the floor can look dirty easily.

Trick #3: Large Tile Floors

Using larger tiles fir your floors will give the illusion of having more space. As our eyes see larger tiles, our brain tends to associate it with a large space. Because larger tiles are much more visually appealing, they also make the room look classier. For best results, make sure you choose tiles that are about 16 inches.

Designers recommend using grout that is the same color as the tile to increase the visual expanse of the floor.

Trick #4: Diagonal Patterned Floors

While large tiles usually work by themselves, one of the best ways to make room appear bigger is laying the tiles diagonally. This trick is effective because it fools the eyes into seeing the floor pattern from a different perspective.

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