Out of the many Denver carpeting and flooring options, wool carpets stand out. A wool carpet is known for its awe-inspiring luxuriousness. With just one step, your guests will recognize your exquisite personal taste and begin showering you with compliments.  They will rush to remove their shoes and socks just to feel the softness between their toes. They may never want to leave your living room…. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but surely your new wool flooring will give them a few reasons to smile.

Reason #1 –Wool Carpet is Comfortable

Many families simply love the plush feeling of wool in their homes.  In comparison to nylon or polypropylene fibers which are known for being easy to clean, wool’s softness is its key differentiator. Wool is both springy and smooth. Yet it still maintains its shape and will bounce back from normal wear, according to CaptainCarpet.com.  Its fibers are made to keep you comfy, cozy and safe for years to come.

Reason #2 – Wool Carpet is Organic

Wool’s biodegradability has a lot of green consumers smiling from ear to ear. It is made from a sheep’s natural coat.  Wool is gathered by a process called shearing and only occurs annually. Because it is a natural fiber, it decomposes easily without harming the environment or the animals.  Its lack of toxicity make it a top selection among the eco-friendly.

Reason # 3 – Wool Carpet is Hypoallergenic

The sheep’s coat is also hypoallergenic. If your family includes small children or those who are sensitive to allergens, you’ll blush over this trait. Your children can avoid harsh chemicals without forsaking the comfy texture.  Also, if air quality is important in your home, wool can improve this too.  It is an easy choice for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Reason #4 – Wool Carpet Moderates Temperature

If you live in a region with cold winters like Denver, carpet insulation is no laughing matter. Wool carpets can help warm your home and decrease your energy usage.  Not many people enjoy walking on a cold floor. Wool fibers trap air and maintain the floor’s temperature during the chilly winter months.  Likewise, it can help to keep your home cool in the summer. Although it is one of the more expensive types of carpet, the energy conservation benefits may help offset the cost.

Reason # 5 –Wool Carpet is Flame Resistant

When it comes to safety, wool still ranks high among other options. It is nearly impossible to melt and very difficult to catch fire.  Wool carpets can actually slow down a potential fire.   Wool manufacturer Hibernia Woolen Mills attributes this to increased nitrogen and temperature ignition.

Reason #6 – Wool Carpet Makes a Statement

Many consider wool carpets a symbol of success and class.  Its quality is irrefutable. When it is dyed, it embraces vibrant color that lasts.  Its flexibility leaves room for your most creative decoration ideas to flourish.  In fact, there are a few downsides to considering this type of carpeting outside of the budget.  Although it may lose a few points because of its high price tag, wool carpet redeems itself by its ability to make your guests show a few teeth.

Reason # 7 – Wool Carpet Absorbs Sound

Homeowners who can appreciate added privacy prefer wool because of its soundproofing capabilities. Many theaters, classrooms and libraries use it for this very reason.  It moderates acoustics and eliminates echoes.  So there’s no need to quiet your excited guests when they raise their voices about your new home addition.  Just grin and bear it.