Laminate flooring is one of the best picks for inexpensive flooring. Homeowners who want to give their home an aesthetic upgrade, but are working on a limited budget, choose this flooring material. Over the years, we’ve heard a number of comments from homeowners who installed laminate floors in their home. Some are happy with their flooring, while others would advise against installing laminate flooring, especially in the kitchen. Some of you have probably heard some horror stories yourself.

If you’re planning to take on a flooring project and you’re wondering if you can install laminate flooring in the kitchen, then this blog post is for you. Together, let’s find out whether or not it will be a good fit for your kitchen.

Laminate is not water resistant

Water is a bad thing for most floors, including laminate flooring. You need to think twice about installing laminate in the kitchen, especially since it is not water resistant.

Modern laminates are better at resisting water damage. But that doesn’t mean that it is not impervious to water damage. Spills should be wiped off as soon as possible. The edges may curl up when water find its way to the core. This is one of the biggest complaints from homeowners who have installed laminate in their kitchen.  If you can find a way to address the overriding concern of moisture, you are free install laminate in your kitchen.

Quality matters

The marketplace is flooded with cheap laminate flooring. Because of this, homeowners who are on a tight budget are tempted to use it in their home. But you need to understand that quality matters when it comes to flooring. Remember, the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home. You want a flooring material that can withstand foot traffic, as well as wear and tear.

Modern laminate flooring is far from the ones we use in the 80s and 90s. They are more resilient. Plus, the manufacturing process has evolved to the point that they can be considered for kitchen installation. When choosing laminate floors, we highly recommend that you opt for the high end ones. The wear layer will be thicker and they are going to be much more durable.


Laminate is referred to as the “floating floor”. This is because it can be installed over an existing floor. This is great if you are planning to go the DIY route. This will help you save time and money. Ultimately, laminate flooring is fairly easy to maintain and there is no need for special cleaners.

Overall, laminate flooring is the perfect option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable and convenient flooring option.