Although hardwood has long been a favorite of homeowners, there are plenty of homes that still make use of carpeting. Carpets are an understated way to add beauty to your home. With numerous colors, patterns and textures available, carpet is emerging as the focal point in some interior designs.

Brush up on your carpet fashion with our recap of the latest trends. We hope that this blog will provide you with inspiration for your own home.


Plain carpet doesn’t have to be boring. Light-colored carpet can be a neutral foundation and makes it easy for you to personalize your room.

This contemporary room combines neutral walls, cherry wood furniture. The stark contrast of the white, spacious room mixed with plain carpet and dark wood furniture makes for a relaxing, comfortable space.


Striped carpets create a sense fashion and class to any room. This is a perfect choice if you want to make a bold statement in your room.

You probably know that wearing clothes with vertical stripes can give you the illusion of height. The same principle can also be applied to your home. They look fantastic on hallways, stairs as well as other rooms in your home.

Geometric patterns

If you’re working with a predominantly white backdrop, we recommend choosing carpets with patterns. This adds texture and interest to a room.

This carpet is definitely a statement piece that demands attention. It is a nice complement to the modern furniture and accessories paired with it. The pattern complements, rather than overpowers the furnishing.


Kids love a pop of color. Make the carpet play a starring role in your kid’s bedroom. This carpet combines fun and comfort, allowing your little ones to play and lounge in style. Plus, it makes the space look fun and playful.