Carpets are a nice choice when you want a soft, warm floor under your feet. Unfortunately, though, the wrong carpet can start to show signs of wear and tear before you know it, so researching and choosing the highest quality carpeting is wise.

Dream Weaver carpets are built to last, and they have several features that make them a desirable option for anyone in search of attractive flooring that will continue looking like new despite foot traffic, kids, and pets. Below are a few reasons why we love these carpets and why we highly recommend them.   

Color Technology That Ensures a Beautiful, Durable Carpet

One of the standout features of a Dream Weaver carpet is its PureColor® fiber, which is exclusive to this brand. It’s basically what makes these carpets look so good and last so long. And it’s available in their polyester and nylon product ranges, so you have a lot of lovely options to choose from.

What does this technology do? Well, it makes your carpet super easy to clean, as it provides extra protection against stains and soil. But there’s more:

  • Carpets are solution-dyed, which results in a permanent color that won’t wear off or fade in time. The color will also remain strong if the floor is exposed to a lot of sunlight as well. Plus, even if you use a cleaner that contains bleach, the color won’t be affected!
  • Unlike your typical carpet, where the color merely sits on the top of the fibers, Dream Weaver carpeting features color throughout every fiber, giving these carpets a more vibrant appearance for many years, even in high traffic areas.
  • Accidents and messes happen, and they can certainly take their toll on your carpeting, making it look old before its time. But when you have a Dream Weaver carpet, the fibers will be able to resist stains from pet accidents, as well as food and drinks like red wine, chocolate, coffee, and ketchup. So if you spill something, you don’t need to stress.
  • Thanks to the additional soil and stain protection that comes with PureColor® technology, your carpets will be easier to clean with your vacuum, even if dirt gets tracked in from outside.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach That Everyone Can Support

Eco-conscious customers will love the fact that the production of PureColor® fiber uses less water and energy, and it even emits lower amounts of harmful greenhouse gases. The company’s goals include manufacturing carpets in efficient ways so they can do less harm to the environment.

According to Dream Weaver, they have a system in place that allows them to make these high-quality carpets while using 30% less energy and 87% less water. On top of that, they don’t use any PFCs, and they produce 42% less greenhouse gas emissions. So this is a great brand to support if you’re in search of environmentally friendly flooring.

Warranties Provide Extra Peace of Mind

Worried about the claims made by Dream Weaver? Well, they’re backed up by warranties that can help protect your investment. Even when it comes to pets, if your carpet is ever damaged because your furry friend had an accident, Dream Weaver’s warranty might allow you to replace or repair your carpet.

Here’s the basic breakdown:

  • Every carpet comes with a warranty against soiling, staining, fading, and abrasion, as well as loss of texture retention and manufacturer defects.
  • Many of the carpets available from Dream Weaver also boast warranties that protect you in the event a pet accident results in a stain that you can’t remove.

If you’d like to learn more about the warranty that comes with a particular Dream Weaver carpet that you’re interested in, our experts can give you all of the information that you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Other Benefits of Dream Weaver Carpeting to Consider

Not sure if you want to give a Dream Weaver carpet, or any other brand of carpeting, a chance? Maybe you’ve heard that carpets can be hard to maintain or they aren’t appropriate for allergy sufferers? Well, the opposite is true when you select the right carpet for any room in your home.

In addition to creating a sense of coziness in a space, a high-quality carpet, like one from Dream Weaver, is actually surprisingly easy to maintain. Just vacuum it regularly, and spot clean when messes or spills occur. Plus, the carpet could act much like a trap for airborne allergens and dust, holding them there until you vacuum them up.

On top of that, a properly installed carpet provides insulation to help keep your room quiet and at a comfortable temperature. This can be especially helpful during the winter. While other types of flooring could feel cold under your feet and make it difficult to keep your heating costs down, carpets can help maintain that much-needed warmth.

At Denver Carpet & Flooring, our experts can help you pick out the perfect Dream Weaver carpeting for your home. Beyond that, we’ll also install it professionally and efficiently so you can start enjoying it right away. Just come into our showroom or contact us to set up an in-home consultation to see samples of Dream Weaver products today!