Berber carpeting is just one of the many styles we can offer for your Denver home. With its roots originating with the Berber tribe and people of North Africa, it has been adapted for use in many homes. The Berber carpet that comes from the tribes still is hand-woven, and though it might not be as personally made, you will still love your Berber carpets. With a variety of patterns, hues, and types of fibers, we can assure you that you will find the type that will light up your Denver home’s interior for years to come.

The types of weaves that Berber carpeting has are varied to each style of home it may find itself inside. The styles it comes in are including, but not limited to:

Looped Berber
Patterned Looped Berber
Cut and Loop Berber
Patterned Cut and Looped
Cut Pile Berber

Cut Pile Berber, also known as California Berber, does not contain any looping within the fibers that make up the carpet, and thus has a density that surpasses many different styles of carpeting. While loops can be made into the gorgeous varieties that we will show you samples of, they can also be damaged far easier than a simple cut pile style of Berber carpeting. Loops are easy to snag with great activity from children and pets, and can be ripped in many ways. They also have a tendency to fall over in sections of the home that may involve heavier amounts of traffic. If you have an active home, Berber might not be for you, but if you want an elegant looking carpet for any Denver home, Berber is among the top choices.

Berber carpeting comes in a variety of fabrics. From the expensive but durable and soft Wool, to the strength and unyielding Nylon carpet, to the budget style of olefin, you will be able to find the type of Berber carpeting for your needs and your wallet. We have samples from Shaw, Camelot, Karastan, and Dixie that we will bring straight to you, to make sure each and every homeowner has the best choices before them. Whether you are looking for an expensive wool carpet for your Denver office, or simply a decent, durable Nylon style Berber carpet for your home, we will work with you to ensure that you get the exact color, density, and style that work best for you and your budget.

Berber carpeting can be a boon to your Denver home. With the variety of hues and images we can bring to your home’s flooring, we can make sure that you will be satisfied for a long time with this tough, elegant carpeting.

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