Do you share your home with man’s best friend? Then choosing the right flooring will make your life easier when it comes to keeping your floors clean and looking like new.

In addition to being easy to maintain, canine-friendly flooring will be resistant to scratches from doggie claws, and it will also be less prone to wear and tear that could be the result of a fun-loving pet.

Thankfully, you have a few flooring options if you’re searching for the best type of flooring for dogs, so you don’t have to feel limited at all. Flooring that’s perfect for a home with pets, and that will fit in with your design aesthetic, is definitely out there.

Tile: Cleaning Up Is a Breeze

With a wide range of tiles to choose from, including ceramic, granite, marble, porcelain, and stone, there’s a design that’s perfect for just about any room in your house. Tile flooring is easy to keep clean, as paw prints will wipe right up. Plus, it’s a durable and long-lasting choice that will be resistant to scratches, and it won’t absorb water if your pet has an accident or spills its water bowl.

Did you know that there’s also a range of faux wood tiles available for those who would love to have hardwood floors but can’t because of their pets? Wood flooring could be difficult to maintain if you have dogs, but these tiles are a great option as they provide you with the hardwood look that you desire, along with the convenience of tile. Score!

To maintain tile flooring, you can sweep up dog food, vacuum up fur, and mop to remove other debris and dirt that has accumulated. You could even use a steam mop to disinfect your tiles, or you could let a robot vacuum do the work for you while you’re busy.   

One downside to consider is that tile flooring can get cold, particularly during the harsh winter season. A decorative area rug and well-placed pet beds can help your furry friend feel more comfortable, especially since cold tiles can be tough on paws. Also, tiles can be slippery, especially when wet, so make sure your pooch stays out of the way while you’re mopping; otherwise, he might end up slipping and hurting himself. Ouch!

Laminate: A Great Alternative to Hardwood

Another fabulous alternative to hardwood is waterproof laminate, which is also easy to clean and maintain. You can get the look and feel of hardwood, or you could choose from a laminate that looks like other natural materials instead, such as a natural stone tile.

Regardless of what design you go with, you can take advantage of the water resistance and toughness of laminate. This flooring is resistant to scuffs, dents, and scratches. Durable and long-lasting, it’s a good choice for a home with a rambunctious dog.

To maintain laminate flooring, you can use a cloth to clean up spills, and you can sweep and vacuum regularly to remove debris, dirt, and loose fur. Overall, it’s easy to keep this flooring looking like new, especially since it’s inherently resistant to general wear and tear.

A downside to consider with laminate flooring is that it doesn’t provide a lot of traction for doggies who have difficulty walking or who like to run across the room at full speed. This issue can easily be addressed, though, by choosing laminate flooring that has a textured surface. Your dog will thank you.  

Vinyl: So Many Perks at an Affordable Price

Today’s vinyl flooring is luxurious and sophisticated. But, more importantly, it’s a popular option for families with dogs. This flooring is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and stylish (you can find vinyl that looks like beautiful tile or hardwood).

Despite being attractive, long-lasting, and durable, vinyl is also budget-friendly. Quiet underfoot, it even provides traction for your dog to get around without slipping. Great for your wallet and your pet: what more could you ask for?  

Ideal for high-traffic areas where lots of feet and paws tread, maintaining vinyl is a snap. Simply sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping will do the trick. But probably the best feature about this flooring is the fact that it’s antimicrobial—another tool that you can use to keep your home pristine even when your dog walks in from outside.

One downside is that vinyl could become dull over time, so purchasing the right product with a durable coating is key. If you need assistance, our flooring experts can help you find the ideal vinyl flooring for you and your pooch.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Floors?

With the right flooring, everyone, including your dog (or cat!), will be happy. You can have lovely floors that are simple to clean, and your dog can feel comfortable while playing and relaxing with you.

Hoping to upgrade your flooring to add value and beauty to your abode, as well as make it easier to keep your pet-friendly space spotless? Denver Carpet & Flooring offers all of the high-quality options above, and you can schedule a free in-home consultation to choose the one that will look and function best in your home.