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Choosing the Best Carpet for High-Traffic Areas

Getting new carpet can be a fun and exciting way to change up the look and feel of your home. It’s just figuring out where to start your carpet research that can be a bit of a daunting task. It is important that the carpet you select fit all of your needs for the space …

Benefits of Using Carpet Tiles in Your Home

Carpet tiles are mostly seen in business and retail environments, but they are also an excellent solution for both the home and for commercial environments. If you are considering updating your floors, you may want to consider carpet tiles. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using carpet tiles in your home. …

Choosing the Best Flooring for a Media Room

Creating a home theater in their home is a dream a lot of people share. Since going on a movie date has become costlier than ever, more and more people are taking matters into their own hands. Having your own media room allows you to take in all of your favorite films and play your …

4 Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

Replacing flooring can be a very costly venture. Since carpet is a big investment, you want it to last for as long as possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of your carpet. But no matter how much effort you put into maintaining your carpet, it will look old and dated over …

Tips for Decorating with Area Rugs

Selecting the right area rug for your home can make a big difference to a room. It can set the mood or style, inspire a space’s color palette, ground a conversational area or add warmth and comfort to a room. Use this guide to help you find the best area rug and set the tone …

Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean and Beautiful During the Holidays

The holiday season often involves a series of parties and social gatherings. Most people are looking forward to this day as it gives them an opportunity to relax, have fun and spend quality time with their family. But with so many people visiting, not to mention dropped food and spilled drinks, all those gatherings may …

Reasons to Choose Carpet for Your Next Remodelling Project

With a wide range of flooring options available, carpet may not be your first choice when it comes to flooring. It may not be at the top of the grand trend list, but a carpeted home offers several perks that can benefit any type of household. Carpet can be a great addition to your home …

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