Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet flooring is highly popular in family homes. They are great for playrooms and high-traffic areas, like stairs, because they are made to be stain-resistant and extra durable. From a design perspective, patterned carpets add dimension and personality to a room. When done tastefully, textures and patterns become the welcoming focal point of a room without being overwhelming to the senses. Choosing patterned carpet flooring requires a little extra thought to make sure it complements your space. Our carpeting specialists can go over design best practices and help you choose the right pattern for your rooms.


There are essentially four different types of carpeting construction: cut pile, loop pile, patterned loop, and cut-and-loop. Patterned carpets blend loops and cuts in varying heights and fibers to create shapes and patterns. By alternating heights, patterns are “carved” out into their own arrangements. There are thousands of designs to choose from using this technique.


Patterned carpets, like any other carpet flooring, come in a variety of fibers such as nylon, polyester, olefin, triexta, and wool. You can choose from natural, synthetic, or a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

Style and Texture

A combination of texture and pattern are the most popular in style because they minimize soil, footprints, and vacuum marks. Berber carpets, for instance, are made of tightly woven loops that are easy to maintain and require less vacuuming.

Classic Patterned Carpets

More traditional patterned carpet flooring works well for a subtle enhancement to the room and can soften a space that contains an eclectic variety of décor and accents.

Modern Patterned Carpets

Modern patterned carpeting may come in a mixture of bold shapes and colors. They work well in contemporary homes with simple furniture and clean lines. Modern patterns also work well to balance an awkward space.

Are you thinking about taking the leap to patterned carpeting? Visit our showroom or have us bring the showroom to you. Our specialists can help you choose the pattern, style, texture, and fiber that’s right for your home or space.

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