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Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpets are attractive additions to high traffic areas, such as stairs and hallways, but they’re also used to enhance just about any room and living area, such as family rooms and playrooms. Extra durable and stain-resistant, a patterned carpet can even add personality and dimension to a room, particularly when done tastefully. It’s no wonder, then, that a lot of homeowners turn to this popular carpet style.

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What makes patterned carpet such a great option for homeowners?

  • With the right pattern and texture, this carpet style is a wonderful choice if you’re hoping to minimize the appearance of vacuum marks, footprints, and soil.
  • Like other carpeting, all it takes to clean is a regular vacuuming routine that will lift dust, dirt, and other debris from your floors. Plus, carpet cleaners that you can purchase in stores will remove stains whenever accidents occur.
  • Patterned carpets that have tightly woven loops (Berber is a great example) can make it even easier to keep your flooring looking great, as they’re simple to maintain and actually require less frequent vacuuming.
  • A patterned carpet can add an element of elegance and sophistication to a space. There are many textures and designs to choose from, and the right carpet can become the welcoming focal point of a room without being overwhelming.

Choosing the right patterned carpeting does require a little extra thought in order to ensure it will complement your space. That’s why our flooring specialists will go over design best practices while helping you select the ideal pattern.


Patterned Carpet Features

When shopping for patterned carpeting, it’s helpful to keep in mind that there are four types of construction to consider: cut pile, loop pile, patterned loop, and cut-and-loop.

Patterned carpets blend loops and cuts in varying heights and fibers, creating lovely patterns and shapes that can improve the overall design scheme of your home. By alternating heights, patterns can even be “carved” out into beautiful arrangements, making your flooring all the more unique and eye-catching.

In terms of fibers, most of these styles are made using a variety of fibers, such as polyester, nylon, olefin, wool, and triexta. You can choose from natural, synthetic, or a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, depending upon your preferences and budget. Nylon, for example, can help boost the carpet’s durability when used in a commercial setting, such as an office, while wool fibers can help make the carpet feel even more comfortable under your feet at home.

Typically, traditional patterned carpeting will work well when you’re hoping to subtly enhance a room. With a traditional style, you can also soften the design of a space that already contains eclectic décor and accents. On the other hand, a modern pattern that comes with a mix of bold colors and shapes can work well in a contemporary home that features clean lines and simple furniture. Or, you can use a modern pattern to balance an awkward space.

Patterned Carpet Installation

If you’re thinking about adding patterned carpeting to your home, we can assist you. Simply visit our showroom to see samples, or take advantage of our shop-at-home experience and let us bring samples right to you. We’ll help you choose the ideal carpet based on your style preferences, functionality requirements, and budget.

Once you’ve chosen the carpet that will take your room’s design to the next level, we’ll take care of installing it for you. We’ll gladly measure your space, whether you want your living room carpeted, your stairs carpeted, or anything in between. Then we’ll prepare the floors, apply the appropriate padding, and cut and install your carpet so that it looks seamless and smooth.

Contact us or schedule a free estimate today to see some of the latest trends for yourself. If you choose a carpet that’s in stock, we can even install it in as little as 7 days so you don’t have to wait to start enjoying the aesthetics and functionality of your new flooring.

Denver Flooring Tip

Denver homeowners often take advantage of patterned carpeting because it’s so easy to maintain. Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home parent or you work long hours in an office in the city, this is a durable type of flooring that’s simple to keep clean.

Another reason why carpeting is popular in homes throughout Denver is because it provides some extra insulation during the cold winter months, and it’s comfortable under bare feet. Unlike tile, which gets cold, or hardwood flooring that could become susceptible to damage with changes in temperature and humidity, carpeting will remain the same no matter what the climate is like.

Many homeowners also aim to create a unique living space that they’ll be proud to show off, so they opt for colored carpet or a pattern that either complements the design scheme that’s already in place or gives them fresh ideas for how to spruce up a room in a whole new way.

If you’re ready to browse the many high-quality patterned carpet styles that are available, contact the experts at Denver Carpet & Flooring today to get started!








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