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Plush and Textured Carpet

Plush and textured carpeting is a popular flooring category because these options feel soft and airy under your feet. An attractive choice for just about any room in your home, plush or textured carpet is super comfortable, thanks to its natural cushioning effect. It’s no surprise that so many homeowners opt to have this carpeting installed in areas where they enjoy spending time with their family.

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What makes plush and textured carpets such great options for homeowners?

Plush and Textured Carpet Features

Plush and textured carpeting is a style of cut pile carpet. During construction, strands of yarn are pulled through a backing material. This creates thousands of yarn loops. When all of the tufted loops are cut, it creates a tall grass effect called cut pile.

When comparing different types of carpet, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each. Plush carpets have smooth yarn strands, and that creates a softer effect than what you get with textured carpets. However, textured carpets have wavy textures embedded into the yarn, thereby offering a more trackless option.

Plush carpeting combines durability with elegance. It can be long-lasting, while also being aesthetically pleasing. However, plush carpets tend to show footprint marks and vacuum tracks, and a solid colored carpet won’t hide stains and dirt as well as a multi-colored or patterned carpet.

Generally, plush carpets will have a more velvety effect because the yarn strands are smoother. But if you wish to reduce light reflectivity, it’s better to go with textured carpeting. Depending upon the color that you choose, dramatic effects can be achieved when you go with textured carpets as well. However, both plush and textured carpets can help you create a welcoming, relaxing, and cozy space.

Plush and Textured Carpet Installation

At Denver Carpet & Flooring, we have myriad plush and textured carpets to choose from, and we provide low prices from leading manufacturers. Our carpet specialists can show you samples in our showroom, or you can ask about our shop-at-home service, during which we bring samples to your home to help you select the perfect carpet.

After you choose the carpeting that you like best, we’ll measure your space, provide you with a quote, and get to work installing your carpeting right away. In fact, if you choose a carpet that’s in stock, we can even install it in as little as 7 days. Our installation pros will make sure the floors are properly prepped, the right padding is set down first, and your carpeting is smooth and seamless.

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