Plush & Textured Carpet

Plush carpeting, also known as textured carpeting, feels soft and airy underfoot. Plush carpet flooring is a great option for all spaces as it provides a comfortable covering for the floors throughout your home. Though we would still recommend padding under any carpeting, plush (or textured) carpeting has a natural cushion effect, so it makes sense for homes with children or adults who sit on the floor regularly.

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Cut-Pile Carpeting

Plush and textured plush carpet is a type of cut-pile carpeting. During the construction of any carpeting, strands of yarn are pulled through a backing material creating thousands of yarn loops. When all of the tufted loops are cut, it creates the tall grass effect that we refer to as cut-pile. Plush carpeting has smooth yarn strands which creates a softer effect than textured plush carpeting. Textured plush carpeting has wavy textures embedded into the yarn itself, offering a more trackless carpet flooring.

Plush vs Plush Textured Carpeting

Both plush and textured plush carpeting create a relaxing space that is comfortable and welcoming. Plush carpeting will have a softer, more velvety effect because of the smoother yarn strands. Textured plush carpeting, on the other hand, is a better choice if you prefer to reduce light reflectivity. Dramatic effects can also be achieved with textured plush carpeting, depending on the color you choose.

Benefits of Plush Carpeting

Plush carpet is one of the more comfortable and soft carpeting materials, especially if you’re walking around in bare feet. You will appreciate plush and textured plush carpeting in rooms where you want to provide comfort and an inviting and warm space. Family and kids’ rooms tend to get the most use out of plush and plush textured carpeting.


As with most carpet flooring options, there are several fibers to choose from. Nylon is the most popular because of its durability. Wool is the highest quality carpet flooring you can opt for. Polyester and olefin are also available for plush and textured carpeting.

Caring for Plush and Textured Carpeting

Plush carpet flooring is denser than other types of carpeting and can last longer than any other carpet. During the manufacturing process, plush and textured carpets are treated with a protective chemical to repel stains and liquids, which also aids in their durability.

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