Flooring is an essential part of your home. Since you’re walking on them every day, we want to ensure your floors are made of the right material and are properly maintained.

As a homeowner, we know you want your home to look and feel great too. We offer a variety of options and materials that will frame your home just the way you want. From hardwood to ceramic to alternative flooring options like bamboo and cork, find the floor that fits your needs.

Want to install hardwood yourself? Learn the dos and don’ts for proper installation. Want to compare porcelain with ceramic? See a side-by-side comparison. Going green? Find the many eco-friendly and sustainable options out there and what makes them so great.

Learn more about all of the available flooring options for your home, and get help with selection, installation, and maintenance now.

Warm Floor Options You Should Consider

When getting out of bed on a cold morning, waking up to warm floors is ideal. Having to think of pulling off the covers and touching a cold, unapproachable floor only makes us hit the snooze that much more. Current options for preventing cold floors can get costly. When you are choosing new floors to …

Water-Resistant Flooring Options for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Low Maintenance Home Flooring Options

Floor maintenance isn’t something we always make time to do. Our daily list of priorities always seem to grow throughout the day and, well, other things end up taking precedence. As a homeowner, keeping the house clean and organized is not the most enjoyable task and gets pushed back until that “must-do” moment. Even if …

floor installation

4 Reasons to Get a Professional Floor Installation

You are planning to take on a flooring project. You’re tired of looking at the stained, dingy carpet in your living room and want to replace it with wood flooring. You want it to be perfect and lasting. But you’re tempted to save some money, so you’re thinking of doing the floor installation yourself. Why …

waterproof Flooring Options

Waterproof Flooring Options for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Choosing the right flooring for your home is no easy task. There are several factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right one. Specifically, when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen floor, these areas need special attention as the flooring option needs be durable and waterproof. Spills, water, and moisture are common in …

Hottest Flooring Trends You Should Know About

Your flooring can impact your home more than you realize. If you are looking to transform the look and feel of your home, you may want to start with your flooring. Use these flooring trends to help you choose durable and stylish floors for your home. You wouldn’t want to make outdated choices when updating …

Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

Green is the new trend in floor coverings. Consider eco-friendly flooring if you’re concerned about the environmental footprint of your flooring. There is a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring that would look great in every room in your home. Give your floors a sustainable update with these popular eco-friendly flooring solutions. These beautiful, green options …