Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a fantastic option for anyone looking to add some flare to their home. All flooring materials have a tile option – even carpet.

While typically thought of as utilitarian in design, tile flooring can, in fact, be used to make a bold or elegant statement in any room. Buy different colors or materials and mix and match them to create an entirely unique pattern.

The shape of your tiles ranges from large format tiles to tiny tiles. They are usually square but can also be triangular, hexagonal, or other shapes. How you install them can totally change the look of your home. Have a small bathroom? Use small tiles to make it look larger. Or if you want a large room to look larger and more open, use long format tiles to extend it.

Most tiles are treated to be water-resistant and easy to maintain. With proper sealing, tiles can withstand more than your typical wear.

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