Ceramic tile has been a popular flooring choice for hundreds of years. It’s water resistance, and the durability is appealing for homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Ceramic tiles have a protective layer on the material making it virtually impenetrable to water and stains. Ceramic tile is also remarkably long-lasting; you can even find ceramic tiles still intact in ancient Rome and Egypt!

While ceramic tile flooring is a popular choice for residences and commercial properties, there are certain situations when ceramic tile flooring makes more sense than others. Today we’re going to discuss what areas of your home or business are the best fit for ceramic tile flooring.


Kitchens are a popular place to install ceramic tile flooring. While not as dense as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles still have great resistance to scratches and chipping. The glazed surface makes ceramic tile water resistant, which is helpful for preventing potential stains from kitchen spills.

The strength and durability of ceramic tiles help prevent scratches from furniture like your kitchen table and chairs. Ceramic tile is also easy to clean, which is ideal for cooking and lots of traffic. For those worried about cost and installation, ceramic is easy to cut and install, making it an affordable option.


Ceramic tile flooring is a favored choice for bathrooms as well. As one of the most water resistant types of flooring, this is no surprise. The durability of ceramic tile flooring is also highly appealing as bathrooms are a heavily trafficked area of a home or business.

Bathrooms are another place for spills and mess, and the easy clean up that comes with ceramic tile flooring is a great fit. Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize the look you want for your bathroom. One downside is that tile itself can be slippery; however, using textured tiles or small tiles cuts down on the potential slip considerably.  

Living Rooms

While kitchens and bathrooms are the most common place for this flooring option, living rooms can be a good fit as well. Not only is ceramic tile more affordable than hardwood floors, it is also much easier to clean and maintain. If you have kids, ceramic tile flooring is always great for accidental spills and messes. Tile is also hygienic, which is a huge perk for a living space. Unlike other options like carpet, ceramic tile doesn’t attract dirt, dust, and other allergens.

Although ceramic tile can be cold and hard, this can be an advantage in warmer climates. Area rugs accompany ceramic tile flooring well to create a softer surface, and they are easier to maintain than carpet. It is also possible to install a heating system under the floor to keep the surface warmer. If there happens to be a lot of flooring sitting in your living room, ceramic tile may not be as appealing as carpet. But if that is not the case, this option is definitely worth exploring for living spaces

Ceramic tile flooring can be a great solution for your home or business. If you are looking for flooring that is easy to clean, simple to maintain, and durable, this might be the right option for you. If you are ready to start installing ceramic tile flooring or would like to learn more, contact the Denver Carpet and Flooring team now.