Made from clay that is heated in the shapes that you will find appealing, Ceramic Tile Flooring is then pressed into a dense form before it is cut. The main difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles are in how much moisture is still within the clay when it is fired. While porcelain contains less than 0.5% of its body weight in moisture, ceramic is allowed to have more. However, the inclusion of additional moisture doesn’t mean that ceramic is any less durable than other types of tile. In fact, thanks to a method that allows ceramic tile to be fired only once, it has moved from being the type that is found mostly on walls and in showers, to being readily available for flooring in your Denver home as well.

You will love the smooth touch and varied designs that we can show you, samples from our lines of tiling experts will be provided, so that we can bring your new tiled floors to life. After all, your Denver home will look brighter and more beautiful with a brand new set of ceramic tiles, smooth and gorgeous in how they brighten up your day. You won’t have to worry about differences in cleaning tile compared to carpeting or rugs, as you can simply sweep and mop your ceramic floor into a bright shine within minutes.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, areas in which spills of liquids such as water can occur. They are naturally resistant to moisture, due to the methods of firing. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to the elements, giving them a good place in outside settings. Fire, water, and extreme temperatures are no problem for this durable mass of clay. They also provide a good grip to lessen slipping, which gives them an extra appeal for the kitchen and bathrooms of your Denver home.

Ceramic tiles give you all of these things and more, and bring you great value. In the myriad of colors and decorations, we can insure that your Denver home will sparkle. Ceramic tiling is even known to help Denver homeowners with their energy bills, staying cool later into the day and all during the night. Please call Denver Carpet and Flooring today so we can bring you samples and get to work on making your Denver home a bright, beautiful place to return to at the end of any busy day.