When getting out of bed on a cold morning, waking up to warm floors is ideal. Having to think of pulling off the covers and touching a cold, unapproachable floor only makes us hit the snooze that much more. Current options for preventing cold floors can get costly. When you are choosing new floors to help retain heat, also consider factors like durability, design options, water resistance, cost, installation and ease of maintenance.

Whether you are the type of person who stands for an extended period, have young kids, or if you live with seniors, it is best to choose comfortable floors made of materials that are comfortable underfoot.

So if you’re on a budget and can’t afford things like heated floors, here are three warm floor options that keep your feet cozy:


Berber Carpet

If you’ve ever popped open a champagne bottle, you already know how squishy yet tough cork can be. Cork flooring has the same property making it very pleasant and yielding. People’s eyes tend to light up with delight once they step foot on this comfortable flooring material. It’s just that much of an experience.

Cork is an excellent choice for a children’s or seniors room. This material acts as a cushion and helps prevent serious injuries caused by accidental trips and falls. Seemingly a very delicate flooring option, good quality cork flooring is appropriately treated to avoid as much damage as possible. So those dropped utensils, high heels, and pet claws won’t ruin your floor. This is a great option to consider when looking for comfortable, heat retaining floors that can withstand the durability test.


The timeless favorite, carpet. It’s soft to the touch and is the first option that comes to mind when people think of warm, cozy floors. It provides insulation and protects your feet in colder climates. Carpet is also a very affordable choice making it a little easier on the wallet. It creates a soothing and comforting atmosphere in a home. To add to the list of benefits, it’s non-slippery, so you’re less likely to have falls related to the material.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet that you can sink into.

There are so many different varieties and options of carpet that can fit your desired level of warmth. From Berber carpets to luxurious wool in plush textures or tightly woven fibers, you’re sure to find a carpet that fits your style and needs.

What’s more, it doesn’t take much to maintain your carpet so that it lasts longer. Simple things like making it a habit to vacuum your floors regularly and having them professionally cleaned at least once a year can extend its life.


A unique option to consider would be rubber floors. It is surprisingly yielding, comfortable, and entirely unique. And don’t let its texture deceive you, this flooring surface is extremely durable. It is a fabulous option for high traffic areas. Plus, it is water-resistant and stain-resistant.

You may have noticed that most anti-fatigued mats are rubber. This is because rubber is ergonomic. It cushions your feet and body while you stand without being too soft. Install this resilient and beautiful material in the kitchen and give your joints a break while you’re preparing meals for your loved ones.

If you’re set on a cooler flooring material, you can use rubber as a layer under your floor as insulation. And as a bonus, it insulates not just for temperature but also sound. So enjoy music on the louder side and your rambunctious family with rubber floors!

With all of these options, check out our Design Center for an idea of what we offer or schedule a consultation with us for more ideas and assistance!

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