If you’re in the market for wood flooring, you have probably started researching to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for your family and your home. That’s a good start. However, we have come across a good number of misconceptions over the years, and many of them can be found in a lot of sites on the internet. Many of you have probably stumbled upon them.

In this blog post, we’re going to straighten out these popular myths and let you know the facts behind these common wood floor myths.

Myth 1: Engineered wood floors are not real wood

Some people would compare engineered wood floor to laminate flooring. Other would say that it is fake and flimsy. But the truth is that engineered wood floors are real wood.

Engineered wood floor is made of a core of hardwood with a solid wood top layer. It gives you a hardwood aesthetic for a more reasonable price. It is perfect for at-grade or below-grade installations.

Myth 2: Wood floors are hard to maintain

Wood flooring is surprisingly low maintenance. All that is required to keep your floor looking great for the years to come is regular sweeping and mopping. Only use a felt brush or soft bristle brush for vacuuming. Also, kitchen floor cleaners are not required and can even dull and damage your flooring.

Myth 3: Wood floors do not dent or scratch

Although wood floors of all species are durable enough to withstand heavy traffic, that doesn’t mean that they won’t dent or scratch. Wood is a product of nature and can still scratch or dent.

If your family does not take their shoes off inside the house, you have a family member who is wheelchair bound or you have a large, energetic dog that has free rein to run around the house, your floor can scratch and get damaged.

Myth 4: Wood floors should not be used in the kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the house for hardwoods. Hardwood floors are a great choice because they are built to withstand heavy traffic and are easy to maintain.

Some people are hesitant to install hardwood in the kitchen because it may cup due to spills and moisture. You can protect your floor by placing rugs in front of the sink, dishwasher and other areas that do have moisture.

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