The school year has begun anew. It’s time for your little angels to be back at school. That means six weeks of chaos, hard work and lack of freedom has finally come to an end. We know you’re excited for your well-deserved quiet time, but your home is scruffy, disorganized and cluttered. Not to mention that your flooring is in desperate need of cleaning.

Use these floor care tips to keep your flooring looking new and spotless.

Shoes off in the house

A lot of Americans choose to wear their shoes inside their home. However, this practice can damage your flooring. Shoes, even flat ones, are good at tracking in grit, dirt, sand, and rocks that may leave debris stuck in between grout lines and create tiny scratches on your floor. In addition, germs and bacteria tend to stick to the soles of your shoes. You don’t want the sort of filth that lives in the soles of your shoes to be following you at home. This is absolutely why you shouldn’t be wearing shoes in your house.

Clean up spills right away

In the crazy morning rush, getting lunches prepared is one of the top problems parents face. Children, on the other hand, would eat their breakfast as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, this leads to spills and mess.

If a spill occurs, wipe it immediately. Don’t allow liquids to stand on your flooring. Quick clean up can prevent spills from creating slippery floors, food from being tracked to different areas of the house and stains from permeating into your carpet.

Eat only in designated places

Most children will head to the kitchen once they get back from school. Some would get some snacks and then head to their bedroom, the living room or their designated study area. Get kids to eat only at the table. This will prevent you from having to clean up juice spills and picking food crumbs in different parts of the house.

Good luck with the school year! If those summer months were a little too rough on your floors contact Denver Carpet and Flooring today. We’ll provide you with your flooring needs. Here in Denver, that fall and winter snow isn’t too far away. Contact Denver Carpet and Flooring for your waterproof flooring options to prepare for your snow boots coming in and out of your home.