When thinking about redoing your floors while you have kids or are considering growing your family, there are a few factors to consider before making a purchase. If you’re a new parent or thinking about becoming one, you may be inclined to want wall-to-wall rubber floors to complete the baby-proofing process. As ideal as that might sound for safety and clean-up, there are more aesthetically pleasing options you can consider and feel good about. Flooring for kids is really about blending what you want while thinking about durability and safety.

A primary consideration we suggest keeping top-of-mind is,”is my flooring low maintenance?” Also, note that different rooms serve different purposes and so should the flooring. Someone might spill a beverage in the kitchen, run through the living room with muddy shoes, or spill finger paint in the playroom. You want to make sure your floor is going to withstand routine wear and tear from your little ones to your pre-teens. Here are some kid-friendly flooring ideas for different areas of your home. 

High-Traffic Areas

Vinyl, hardwood, or laminate are great options for rooms like the living room and kitchen. A spill, a little paint, or even a mud trail can be fixed in minutes with an easily mopped flooring. Not to mention, each of these flooring options are durable and can withstand the test of time with a little maintenance.

One thing to keep in mind, rugs or carpet squares can help provide a non-slip layer which is a good option when your child is in its early stages are just learning to walk. You’ll want to make sure they have a soft surface to fall on. Also, we might suggest looking for a rug you don’t mind getting dirty during those early years, you can always upgrade, but rugs can get expensive as well as their cleanings.

Kids Bedrooms

Carpet or carpet tiles are a perfect option for the bedroom. Both choices provide warmth and a little padding that is ideal for naps on the floor, playtime, or a slumber party with friends.  When you hear carpet tiles, you’re probably thinking industrial, and something similar to what you’ve seen in corporate buildings or offices, but they are great for your home, too. Since the tiles are removable and washable, clean-up after an accident is a breeze. Plus, you can create your own design without having to pay custom prices.

Playroom Flooring 

Yet again, carpet tiles are a great option here, but if you are looking for a middle ground and this isn’t the option for you, cork is an excellent choice. Cork can provide the softness of carpet (depending on the tile thickness), the easy maintenance of a vinyl, the look of hardwood, and it’s eco-friendly. The softness and durability of both options can make for the perfect playroom flooring. If you’re open to letting your child help with the look/design, both options come a wide selection of choices. After all, it could make for a fun afternoon of shopping while making your little one feel like their opinion matters. Tiles can be replaced easily, so the design can be changed or switched out in no time. 

If we didn’t cover a flooring option you were considering, give us a call or send us an email. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and can help give you the pluses and downsides of almost any option out there.