It seems as if every house has that one room that is so small. You have tried almost every possible trick you can think of just to make the room look bigger. You tried to arrange the furniture cleverly, install wall-to-wall mirrors and paintings with light hues. But still, it doesn’t look any bigger.

If you think you ran out of options, think again. It turns out, installing the right flooring will not only give your room a whole new look, it also creates the appearance of more space.

Here are 4 flooring tricks that can make a room look bigger.

Install dark flooring

A lot of people believe that light colors convey a sense of greater space. But dark flooring, when paired with the right wall color, can actually make any room expand before your eyes. Choose a cool color for the walls, moulding, trim and ceiling and match it with Brazilian cherry, oak or walnut.

Lay the flooring diagonally

Regardless of the flooring material you choose, lay the flooring diagonally to create the impression of a bigger room. Since the widest part of the tile is facing you as you enter, it tricks the eyes into believing that the space is larger. This rule applies for laminate, tiles, natural stone and hardwood.

Set up larger tiles

When choosing flooring for a small room, opt for wide planks instead of smaller strips. Choose the widest floorboard plank you can get. This conveys a sense of greater space.

If you are to use vinyl tiles, go for the 16, 18 or 24-inch size rather than the standard 12 inches. To enhance visual space, install with and rectified edges and minimal grout.

Keep it consistent

Create the illusion of having more space by using a consistent design throughout your home. Join adjacent spaces with the same type of flooring to create a seamless look. Using different flooring materials tend to break up floor space into smaller chunks.