A lot of homeowners choose hardwood flooring for their modern homes. It has a classic beauty that adds warmth and elegance to a room. You can also use it as a selling point if you ever choose to sell.

Since flooring is a costly venture, you want to do everything you can to keep your floor looking great for as long as possible. Avoid these hardwood flooring mistakes as they can ruin your lovely wood floor.

Not cleaning regularly

Hardwood floors are very durable and easy to clean. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will not only keep your floor looking like new, it is also critical to its longevity.

Dirt, grease and grime can build up on your floor overtime. They act like sandpaper that eventually wears down the floor’s finish. Dust and vacuum your floor every week to prevent damage.

Not protecting high traffic areas

Walking across a certain area several times a day will slowly wear through your wood floor’s finish. This may also cause scuffs and scratches on your floor. This is especially true if you wear high heeled shoes or other pointed footwear inside the house. Use carpets or area rugs in busy areas. We also suggest taking your shoes off to protect your floor from scratches.

Using the wrong products on your hardwood flooring

In our flurry to maintain their sheen and pristine look, we end up using products that aren’t suited for hardwood flooring. This causes their luster to fade much faster than anticipated.

Don’t add any unnecessary cleaners when cleaning the floor. Wood is a delicate material. The use of harsh products may eliminate its natural shine and make it weak from within.

Never rearranging furniture

Just like using the wrong cleaning product, keeping the furniture in the same place for an extended period of time may cause other parts of the hardwood floor to fade. To ensure that your floor look more uniform between refinishes, consider rearranging the furniture every once in a while.