You take pride in keeping your home clean and organized. You also have the capacity to handle any kind of home-related issue with your bare hands. So, keeping your carpet clean is not a big deal.

While it might be tempting to rent a machine to clean your carpet yourself and save some bucks, experts suggest that there are dangers that come with DIY carpet cleaning.

Here are some of the dangers of cleaning your carpet on your own.

Safety issues

If you spill something on the carpet, your first instinct is to get a carpet cleaning product and get rid of the stain. But the problem is, many of us assume that these products are safe. The truth is, these products may contain some harsh chemicals that may not only ruin your carpet, it may also put your pets and family at risk. It doesn’t take much for these products to create an unsafe situation in your home.

Recently, a news story stated that a man lost his pets after using powdered carpet cleaner. We weren’t surprised when we heard it since we have encountered this situation a number of times before.

Mold growth

You need powerful machines to clean your carpets properly. But those machines that you usually hire are not powerful enough to suck water out of a freshly cleaned carpet. Because of that, your carpet may remain damp for several hours to several days.

Damp carpet can cause musty smells and can promote mold growth. If your home is infected with mold, it puts you and your family at risk of health problems.

Ruin your carpet

There is a big difference in the power and quality between rental machines and professional equipment. As mentioned above, small machines have limited power. It doesn’t produce enough heat and doesn’t have a strong vacuum either.

Excessive water usage can ruin your carpet. Your carpet can shrink, get discolored and be delaminated when too much water is used and not removed properly.