The snow is gently falling outside your window and you’ve already decorated the house. Yes, it’s the holiday season. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but its accompanying festivities can take a heavy toll on your hardwood floors.

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful floor. Wouldn’t it be great to welcome the New Year with a beautiful home?

Here are some things you should watch out for in order to make sure that your hardwood floor survives the holiday.


If you’ll be hosting some parties during the holidays, your floors will become a highway for a heavy volume of traffic. This can harm your beautiful hardwood floors.

You can ask your guests to take off their shoes at your door. It is also a good idea to place a sign by the door. If you really want to implement this rule, you might want to prepare some extra slippers for your guests. This is especially important since the floor can be a bit cold during the winter.


Christmas is just a once a year celebration. Odds are there will be some party drinks to toast the season. Some guests may leave their glasses on the table. With some kids scampering about, the risk of spills is relatively high.

Area rugs are one of the most effective ways to protect your floor from this holiday hazard. Also, wipe up spills immediately to prevent damage.

Christmas tree

Water is needed in order to keep your tree fresh. The problem is that water is the enemy of wood. It can cause a great deal of damage if left sitting long enough in one spot. In order to protect your floor against any water that may spill out of the tree, consider laying down a blanket on the floor and then cover it with a sheet of plastic or small table cloth. Even if water spills out, it won’t make it to your floor.


Your dogs may be a bit anxious during the holidays due to the number of people coming in out the door. Things can get knocked to the floor, she may start scratching on the floor or worse, she may urinate on the floor.  With the all the buzz and distractions, these things may go unnoticed.

Have your dog’s nails trimmed to keep her from damaging the floor. Also, try to keep her in a quiet room until everyone has left to help lower her anxiety.