Vinyl tile floors are very popular with today’s homeowners. It may be one of the least expensive forms of flooring, but it offers great value.

If you are planning to change the flooring in your home and increase the resale value of your home at the same time, installing vinyl tile is a great option. Applying vinyl floor is an inexpensive way to greatly improve the look of just about any space, from laundry room, to bathroom to kitchen.

Still not convinced? Listed below are 4 great reasons why homeowners love their vinyl tile floors. Read on and be sure to choose vinyl the next time you go shopping for a new floor.

Low maintenance

Vinyl flooring is easy to care for. As far as cleaning and maintenance goes, vinyl flooring is hard to beat. Just sweep the floor and use a damp mop to keep the floor clean and sparkling.

In addition to that, vinyl tile floors are more tolerant of accidents and drops as compared to ceramic tiles. Plus, it is resistant to stains and scratches. If you love to cook and have little ones running around the house, this is perfect for you.

Design options

The pattern and color options that are available for vinyl flooring are nearly endless. Some designs even mimic the look of wood planks, stone tiles or other flooring options. This means you won’t have a hard time finding tiles that will match your home’s interior.


You’ll be happy to learn that premium vinyl tiles won’t break the budget. The material itself is generally cheaper than other flooring option. Plus, it’s easy to install. So you save on installation costs.


To the eyes, it actually looks like ceramic tile, but it’s warmer to touch and softer underfoot. It also helps reduce the presence of allergens since it doesn’t trap pet dander or dust.