Your flooring can impact your home more than you realize. If you are looking to transform the look and feel of your home, you may want to start with your flooring.

Use these flooring trends to help you choose durable and stylish floors for your home. You wouldn’t want to make outdated choices when updating your floors, right?

Large format tile

Over the years, homeowners who decide to install tile floors in their home were only faced with 2 choices: small and tiny. Today, however, large format tiles are gaining in popularity. While these mammoth tiles are often seen in commercial spaces, they can also be used in residential homes.

Large format tiles allow you to lengthen a room and open up a space. They conjure up the impression of spaciousness without compromising a room’s design. These tiles are ideal for larger rooms like the living room or family room. Installing large tiles on a small room would look strange. As compared to small tiles, they are easier to clean and maintain because they have fewer joints and grout lines.

Wide plank flooring

Wide plank floor is basically hardwood floor board that is wider than 3 inches. They are worth a closer look when considering wood floors.

Wide plank floors offer a refreshing alternative to narrow strip flooring, which are often used in residential homes. Oak, hickory, alder and other types of floors with a standout grain are ideal since wide planks are able to show off a much larger portion of your wood’s grain. Because of this, they are sure to add charm and character to your home.

Dark hardwood

If you want to make a statement in a room, dark hardwood floors are a great option. It adds a wow factor to any room because they give off a distinct, unique look. Dark hardwood floors are a great option if your floor is old and have a bunch of imperfections. Unlike light flooring, dark stains will camouflage holes, dents, scratches and other issues.

But if you’re looking to go super black, you also need to consider that the floor is more likely to show dirt, scratches, pet shedding and other imperfections. If you have a small room, consider adding overhead lighting and going lighter in the painting. This is important so as to prevent your room from looking too dark. Small rooms tend to look smaller with dark floors. The key is to balance out the colors of the floors and walls.

White washed

White washed floors are making a comeback. Many of you have probably seen it on Apartment Therapy, Houzz and other interior design sites all over the web. Because of this, more and more homeowners are opting for lighter floors.

White washed floors are often used to give a new look and feel to old wood floors. While this type of flooring gives off a distinct country charm to a room, it can also be used in contemporary home. It gives you a light, fresh and crisp, clean look. If you are looking for a white floor minus the cold, sterile look you can get from painting the floor a solid white color, then white washed engineered flooring is a great solution.

If you are considering upgrading your flooring, please contact us today and talk to one of our flooring specialists. We’ll help you find the right flooring option that will not only change the look of a room, but one that you can also enjoy for several years.