For many people, chewing gum is a flavorful treat that helps them stay away from cigarettes, eliminates boredom and exercises the jaw. However, one of the hazards of chewing gum is that it has an uncanny ability to bond with the fibers of your carpet, making it almost impossible to remove.

If you get stuck in this sticky situation, there’s no need to panic. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to get that ugly-looking gum out of your carpet. The best part is, most of the things you need to get the job done can be found in the kitchen.

Peanut butter

Take care of the gum by rubbing it with peanut butter. This will loosen the gum, making it easier to scrape it off. Lift the gum using a butter knife. Be sure to keep the peanut butter solely on the gum as it may stain the carpet if you’re not careful.

Freeze it

Fill a small plastic bag with a few pieces of ice and hold it against the gum for a few minutes. You want to freeze the chewing gum to make it hard and brittle. Once it gets hard and frozen, you can easily scrape it off with a fork or butter knife.

Blow dry it

This is the exact opposite of the ice method. Cut a piece of plastic wrap. Get a blow dryer and turn it to the highest setting.  Aim the heat at the gum until it starts to soften. Be sure not to overdo it as you don’t want to burn the carpet.

The gum will stick to another surface when it becomes pliable. Use the plastic wrap to remove the gum from the carpet. If this approach does not get all of the gum out, you might want to use a soft cloth with a splash of vinegar.