Newly installed carpet looks beautiful. It adds to the design, look and feel of your home. But once it’s damaged, it can quickly detract from the design of a room.

One of the downsides of pet ownership is the wear and tear they do to your home, especially the carpet and flooring. If you have a dog, you probably know that sinking feeling when your dog runs across the carpet and leaves mud and chunks of chewed toys everywhere.

Follow these tips to allow your pets and a clean carpet to co-exist.

Keep a towel close by

Whether you have a carpeted, tile or hardwood floor, we suggest that you keep an old towel close by. This way, you can easily wipe off your dog’s paw once you notice some dirt; thus, preventing them from leaving marks all over the floor.

Use a pet-safe carpet spray

The easiest way to get rid of stains is by using a commercial-brand carpet spray, but since most of them contain harmful chemicals, which can be harmful to your pets. Instead of buying a carpet spray, it is best to create your own.  One of the best sprays is made of baking soda and vinegar. It’s not only economical and chemical-free, it’s also pet-friendly.

Cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits. To keep your cat from scratching the carpet, try adding a few drops of citrus oil such as orange, citronella or lemon to your carpet spray.

Keep your pets in a certain room

We love our pets, but they do pose a risk to the carpet. If you’re not confident that they’ll be able to keep your carpets clean, it is best if you designate specific rooms for your pet to hang out in.

Limit their access and activity when indoors. If you allow your pet to have full reign of the house, they can scratch or chew your carpet and leave dander everywhere.