From the beautiful country of Ireland, to the frieze hood coats from Detroit of 1701, to the homes in Denver, Frieze carpet stays true to its reputation of durability. Much like the hair of the Bichon Frise dog, frieze carpet is so durable because of the high twist and curled thick woven material. Frieze carpet acts like a spring, because of the differences in the strands of other carpets, it embraces the step rather than pushing against it. The resilience of Frieze carpet has been illustrated for many years, and will be able to give your Denver home a look that can last for a long, productive time.

While dirt is inevitable for homeowners with carpet, the amazing thing about Frieze is that it hides the particles that come from every day use. Frieze carpet does this due to the curly form of the fibers that go into its making. This does not, however, mean that the carpeting is self-cleaning. It may do well in hiding the appearance of dirt and other particles such as dog hair, but if you keep diligent with cleaning it, frieze carpet will maintain a great appearance throughout its lifetime. In addition, frieze carpet will keep its visual appearance even when used consistently and due to the way the carpet is woven together, you will never see the seams.

Frieze carpet reduces the sound that your feet will make in your Denver home or office, reducing echoes that come with each step, giving the room or office a more serene feel. Frieze carpet offers a more well-rounded room or office while not giving the impression of muffled noise. By curling the fibers to let your feet step gracefully, frieze carpet allows your rooms to experience a smoother, more serene atmosphere. Frieze carpet hides your dirt and your footsteps, giving you the opportunity to think clearly as well as speak calmly without the distractions that come from use.

Frieze carpet is still one of the more popular carpets for modern day home owners. The name originates from the breed of dog Bichon Frise, the curly, twisted hair made for a clear resemblance for Frieze carpet. The Frieze carpet is still one of the best choices homeowners can choose from, and it gives your rooms in your Denver home a sense of cleanness and space. It suits family rooms, hallways and stairways the best, due to its high durability and how well it hides the dirt from common use. Your Denver home will feel luscious and comfort when Frieze carpet is installed. With its comfort and dependability, Frieze carpet continues to make an impact in homes and offices today.

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