Balding carpets are a nightmare for homeowners. It doesn’t just ruin your investment; it also makes the carpet look old, ugly and poorly maintained. Most people think that it’s a result of heavy foot traffic and years of use, but it’s not. Carpet beetles or moths are usually behind this problem.

The carpet is a common area for infestation. They usually lay eggs in between carpet fibres and multiply there. The larvae casing are left on the carpet once the larvae hatch and become adult.

Here are some tips to prevent premature baldness on your carpet and keep them looking great for years.

Vacuum the carpet regularly

Properly taking care of your carpet is the best way to prevent an infestation from occurring. Vacuum the carpet regularly to make sure that no unwanted creepy crawlies are living inside. Insecticides can also be applied to keep them at bay.

If you discover that there is a colony of bugs munching on your carpet, be sure to vacuum the carpet thoroughly before calling in a professional. Focus on the affected area and dispose the vacuum bag once you’re done.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company

If you already have a carpet moth infestation, do not despair as this can easily be resolved. Just call a professional carpet cleaning company and they’ll handle the problem for you.

During the process, the pest control officer will assess the extent of the problem. He will then apply a safe, natural agent to make sure that all eggs, larvae and adult pests are all dead. Some may use a stronger chemical to prevent them from coming back.

The carpet can be repaired as long as you have an extra carpet that can be cut and placed over the bald patches.

Place mats by the door

Dirt and soil may damage your carpet. Balding carpets can also be prevented by reducing the amount of dirt that gets into the carpet fibre. Oblige everyone, including guests, to wipe their shoes off on the mats before entering the house. Or better yet, remove the shoes upon entering.