Laminate flooring is a popular choice for active families. It can mimic the look of wood floors and is durable and easy to clean. In order to maintain the “just installed” appearance of your laminate flooring, it needs to be properly cared for. Follow these tips to keep your floor in top shape for the years to come.

Give Your Floors A Regular Cleaning

Even though they are generally very low maintenance, cleaning laminate floors is still important. Although laminate is fairly scratch-resistant, everyday dust, dirt and other debris can scratch your floor’s surface so it is important to sweep, vacuum, or dry mop your floor regularly. Also, make sure that you are using laminate floor cleaner when you mop so that there isn’t any leftover residue which could leave streaks and build up over time.

Pro Tip: When vacuuming, make sure you’re using the hard floor attachment, not the beater bar attachment.  

Make Sure To Wipe Up Spills

Accidents happen. When they do, be sure to wipe up spills immediately. Unlike ceramic tile, there are seams and cracks that are left after laminate floor installations. Meaning, the liquid can seep through to the subfloor causing warping and unseen damage that can go unnoticed until there is a serious issue.

Pro Tip: Put small rugs in front of sinks and other wet areas to preemptively combat water damage.

Use Area Rugs

Since we are on the topic of rugs, placing rugs in high traffic areas is a great way to protect your floors from everyday wear-and-tear. Think a runner down your hallway, a large oriental rug in your living room. Not only are rugs a great way to preserve the life of your floor, they can also be a great way to pull in color and design.  

Pro Tip: As an added precaution, place furniture pads under heavy furniture to prevent them from leaving permanent marks on your floor.

Keep An Eye On The Humidity

Since laminate flooring is made of wood products, you should keep an eye on humidity levels. Your floor can shrink or expand if the humidity level gets too high or too low. The right humidity level is between 35% and 65%.

Pro Tip: As a Coloradan, you are well aware of our dry climate. A humidifier is a perfect way to prevent shrinkage caused by low humidity levels.

Overall these tips will help you keep your laminate floors in great shape so they last. To learn about if laminate flooring is right for you and your home, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation.