Wood floors are a beautiful addition to your home. Not only does it add warmth and character to your home, they are also extremely durable. While a properly installed and finished wood floor can withstand heavy foot traffic while still looking beautiful, proper care and maintenance is a must to get the most out of your investment.  Otherwise, your floor will experience premature aging and distress.

Keeping your hardwood floor in tip top shape is easier than you think. Here are some maintenance tips that will help extend the life of your wood floor.

Keep dust and dirt in check

Dirt, dust, grit and sand can scratch and dents in your floor’s protective finish. That’s why it’s important to keep your floor as clean as possible.

Daily cleaning and maintenance can have a huge effect on the life, condition and appearance of the floor. Something as simple as dust mopping, sweeping or vacuuming goes a long way in keeping dirt, dust and grit under control. Establish a cleaning routine and stick to it.

Protect your floor

Wood floor can stand up to any lifestyle. In fact, this all-natural flooring material is an ideal option for high traffic area thanks to its strength and durability. However,

The good news is, scratches can be minimized and prevented by placing rugs in high traffic areas such as hallway, entryway and living room. Rugs can protect your floor from wear, tear and damage so flooring in these areas won’t become overly worn in comparison to the rest of your wood flooring.

We also recommend placing felt protectors at the bottom of display stands, table legs and chair legs to protect floors from scuffs and scratches.

Consider the type of finish

There are different types of wood finishes, and each one requires different kinds of care. As such, it is important to determine which type of finish was applied to your flooring so as to determine the best products and the correct procedures to use in your maintenance program. This goes a long way in keeping your wood floor looking beautiful today and in the years to come.