There are several benefits of installing carpet in your home. Acoustics, design, safety and comfort all play a role in why homeowners choose carpet. However, carpet tends to get dirty, show stains and signs of wear and tear over time.

On average, homeowners replace their carpets every seven years. But with proper care and maintenance, you may be able to keep your carpet looking new. Follow these tips to help you get the more life out of your carpet.

Vacuum regularly

The dense, plush fiber you love to feel underfoot tends to accumulate dirt, dust, pet dander, grime, and other debris. As such it is best to vacuum your carpet regularly, preferably two to three times a week. Otherwise, your carpet is going to hold too much dirt and may settle into your carpet fibers. This may also trigger allergic reactions in the long run. Remember, the cleaner you keep your carpet, the longer it will last.

Rotate furniture

Over time, the feet of furniture like table, couches, and chairs may leave permanent marks on your carpet. To avoid this, rotate your furniture from time to time.

Professional cleaning

As time passes by, your carpet begins to lose its color, dirt is embedded and the fibers get matted down. Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep them in top shape. If you have kids, pets or you smoke inside the house, it is recommended to have it cleaned two to four times a year.

Professional carpet cleaning will not only make your carpet look and smell better, it can also extend the life of your carpet.

Keep the dirt outside

Instill a no-shoe policy in your home. Ask your family and guests to take off their shoes before entering the house. This will cut down the amount of dirt that is tracked into your house and extend the interval between carpet cleaning.

Make sure that you provide slippers for your family and guests. If they walk on the carpet barefoot, the oils present in their skin will stick to the carpet fibers and attract dirt and grime.