Whether you’re planning to use one solid color for the entire room or you’re looking to create a tile pattern, you will need to do a lot of planning before laying tile. Because tiling large areas require a sizable investment, you can’t just randomly put different styles and colors together.

There are certain things to consider when combining tiles of various colors, patterns, sizes and styles. This blog post offers guidance on how to make your tile patterns look effective.

Limit Your Color Palette

For an easy mix that works in any space, use tiles in different sizes and textures, but choose a restricted color palette for a more harmonious look. To create a cohesive design, use the same color for both the floor and the wall.

Try installing white tiles with gray grout throughout the bathroom. For something more pronounced, you can use 2 shades of the same color. This adds visual interest to your bathroom without trying to compete.

Play with Scale

You can get away with combining different sized tiles by balancing small and large scale patterns. Rather than using small statement tiles across the entire room, we suggest that you use them for your backsplash or a small area in the room. Play with the scales and try to stay away from all the busy patterns to create an interesting design.

Pair Pattern with Plain

If you decide to use patterned tiles, make sure you use it either on the wall or the floor. If you use it on the wall, it might be best to just use it on a certain area of the wall so the wall commands all of the attention. Then, use plain tiles on the floor. If you choose to install patterned tiles on the floor, use plain tiles on the wall so it doesn’t compete with the floor.

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