There are many myths which sometimes keep people from purchasing carpeting in Denver.

You might think that carpet is difficult to maintain, outdated and unattractive, or even that it makes you vulnerable to allergens.

Here are some of the myths and the myth busters (facts) that make carpet the best choice for your home environment:

MYTH #1: Carpet in your Denver home makes you more vulnerable to allergens.

FACT: The EPA did studies on this topic and their results may surprise you.

They actually found that people with allergies can be helped by carpeting, as opposed to allergens which are allowed to circulate in the air if you have hardwood flooring. You should use a HEPA-filter vacuum to remove particulates from the indoor environment. Carpet helps hold any allergens in the carpet itself, and keeps them away from allergy sufferers.

MYTH #2: Carpet is difficult to maintain.

FACT: Carpet is easy to maintain as long as you take steps to clean it regularly and keep it looking new.

Something as simple as frequent vacuuming can help remove particles. Professional carpet cleaning also helps to maintain a new look to older carpet and spruce up the color and material.

MYTH #3: Carpet is outdated and unattractive.

FACT: While some people do prefer hardwood or other flooring, carpet comes in as many color combinations as the rainbow, giving you a limitless number of color choices.

Some people prefer to mix carpet with other types of flooring such as hardwood and tile, for the ultimate modern look.

MYTH #4: Carpet is bad for the environment.

FACT: There are many “green-friendly” carpets these days which offer eco-friendly solutions for carpet lovers.

There is a recycling facility at Shaw’s Evergreen NylonRecycling Plant, where old carpet is taken, shredded, and broken down into new carpet fiber, so that it can be reused. This keeps carpet waste, which takes a long time to decompose, from cluttering landfills, which is earth-friendly.

When choosing flooring options carpet stands the test of time and is less expensive than most other flooring options.

You will be surprised by the many types, textures and patterns of carpet available from Denver Carpet and Flooring.

CONCLUSIONS About Carpet in Denver Colorado

While there are a lot of myths associated with carpet, they are not based in reality. They are mostly a combination of misconceptions and misunderstood ideas regarding the traits and characteristics of carpet. The truth is, carpet lasts a long time, it is considered low risk in terms of allergens and toxic chemicals to humans and pets, and is eco-friendly because it can be broken down and recycled.

The key is to keep and maintain your carpet and to purchase the best low-maintenance carpet in the first place. If you choose the right carpeting, it will retain its natural beauty for a long time and be something you can always be proud of.

Denver Carpet and Flooring sells high-quality carpeting for your home in Denver.

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