There are many types of carpets that we can install in your Denver home, but nothing beats wool carpeting.

Wool is the best of the best when it comes to providing comfort, durability, and cleanliness to make each and every room look elegant. Cleaning is a breeze with wool carpeting, as the fibers are naturally stain resistant, biodegradable, and made from a natural resource. In addition, many businesses such as casinos and airlines use it as wool carpeting is very flame retardant. When it comes down to it, wool has it all when it comes to safety, durability, and fashion. Wool carpeting really has it all, and while it does come at a higher price, you will be using this carpet for many years.

Your Denver home will look many times better with the amount of colors and patterns we have available and we will bring you samples of the hues and designs so that you can feel and see the wool carpets that will make your Denver home complete. You will be able to touch the cloudlike fibers, see how they accentuate the natural lighting your Denver home has, and be able to choose the exact kind of wool carpeting that will make sure your home looks as beautiful as you should. With the ease of cleaning that comes with wool carpets, you will be able to keep your rooms looking the way you want it for many years. You will have an easy time cleaning the wool, due to the fibers not being treated with chemicals. Wool carpet does not conduct static electricity as well as other types of carpets, meaning that the fibers can repel both liquid spills and dirt. With normal cleaning procedures in place, you can keep the wool carpeting looking perfect for many years.

Wool carpeting is also amazing for keeping your Denver home’s atmosphere, due to the way the fabric absorbs moisture.

When your rooms are humid, the wool carpeting will absorb some of the moisture, leaving it inside the fibers without making them feel or appear wet. When your rooms are dry, they will reduce the moisture, helping in a ways similar to breathing, giving your Denver home life. Wool carpeting also appeals to environmentalists, being a natural fabric that stays cool during the warm weather, while also growing warm in our cold Denver winters, helping to keep your heating and cooling costs down. They also do well in keeping allergens away from you and your family, holding the particles tightly down within the fibers, allowing you to simply vacuum them away.

With the positive environmental effects, ease of cleaning, and fantastic looks, you simply can’t go wrong when it comes to wool carpeting from Denver Carpet and Flooring.

Contact us and we will bring all of our fine samples to your home, match the style to yours, and give you an estimate on the spot. Your new Wool Flooring will be installed within seven working days.

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