Nylon carpeting is an ideal choice, if you are looking for a strong, soft fabric in your Denver home. Invented in the 1930’s as a substitute for silk by a man named DuPont, Nylon has become the generic name for this strong, durable synthetic material. Nylon is noted amongst carpets for the sheer durability that it contains, unmatched except among the highest end fabrics. When it comes down to it, Nylon fabric makes up 65% of the carpeting in the United States. In fact, it is more likely than not that you are around nylon carpeting as you read this!

As mentioned, Nylon carpeting is sought after because of the sheer durability the fabric has. It is made rather inexpensively, and it will give you a long run for each and every cent it costs you to outfit your Denver home in this amazingly tough material. Due to the sheer ease of dying the fabric, Berber carpeting boasts wide variety of styles and colors. You won’t have to worry about being stuck with any certain hue, when we can make sure that the exact colors you want are the ones you will get to decorate your Denver home.

Nylon carpeting is incredibly easy to maintain, as the fibers are moisture-resistant and able to hide soil well. You will rarely see footprints or vacuum cleaner lines in your nylon carpet, as it springs back into place when you are off the particular section. While you will have to clean up spills quickly so as not to discolor your carpet, you will never have to worry about breaking or damaging the fibers. The only downside is that nylon carpeting is very good at conducting static electricity, making it a poor choice to put in computer rooms, for example. However, many of those issues have been corrected recently with treatments applied at the mills to lower just how much static goes through the carpeting.

At Denver Carpet and Flooring, we seek to give you the greatest value, and to make sure you will enjoy your newest addition to your Denver home. We will provide you samples by companies such as Mohawk, Karastan, Dixie, and Shaw, among others. We will be with you step-by-step in getting the perfect Nylon carpet for your home, no matter the colors or patterns requested. After all, your Denver home needs to look just as good as it feels, and we are here to be sure that you will never have a problem with your new carpeting.

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