Denver homeowners tend to have their own look and style when it comes to the interior design of their home.

Whether they put in the most beautiful of furniture, or give their wallpaper their own spin of colors and shapes, patterned carpets are there to help accentuate them. Patterned carpets can come in a large variety of colors and appearances, allowing you to decorate your Denver home however you please. We will bring you samples of our carpets from our Shaw, Mohawk, Dixie, Camelot brands, allowing you to pick the hues and patterns that will make your Denver home gorgeous for years.

Patterned carpets are a fantastic way to make each room of your Denver Home special.

With the different patterns that you can put in each room, you can make your bedrooms calm and serene, while your living room can be bright and vibrant. Patterned carpeting helps to give the mood each room of your Denver home a boost. It even works on your stairwells, making them look just as grand as the rest of your home. After all, you and your family deserve the best, and we can provide it with patterned carpeting. It is even exceptionally durable, which is useful in areas such as the ends of stairways, as people tend to twist your feet when you step on them to turn. When this happens, the fibers become twisted in ways that some carpeting cannot handle. With patterned carpeting, there is no such thing, letting you walk normally without worrying about doing harm to your carpeting.

Patterned carpet fibers are constructed in a grouping of intermixed loops and cut pile, of which the loops are shorter than the pile, giving it the appearance of being carved from the fabric.

Doing this allows a great deal of different looks and shapes, allowing it to fit into any room of your Denver home. The construction allows for it to hide footprints and the appearance of vacuum cleaner marks, allowing for your home to look good no matter if it’s just you walking on it, or a group of friends.

Patterned carpets can come in so many designs due to different levels of fibers and loops. By alternating heights, the patterns can come into their own arrangements. In doing so, the carpets are giving life to the floors of your Denver home no matter what style, no matter what color, you decide.

Patterned carpet comes in a variety of fabrics. If you’re looking for the durability of nylon fibers or the soft touch of polyester, there will always be a variety of choices for your Denver home.

If you feel that patterned carpets are the way to go for your lovely home, please call us at (303) 432-FLOOR (3566) or click here to schedule your free in home flooring estimate.