If you thought that hardwood only came in brown, we’ve got some good news for you: today’s hardwood flooring options are far from boring! 

A host of shades of hardwood flooring await you when you want to upgrade your floors. And with so many beautiful products to choose from, you can easily modernize any space and coordinate the color of your floor with that of your walls, furniture, and décor. 

How can you be sure you’re picking the right hardwood shade for your design project? We’ve compiled a few tips that you can use whenever you’re ready to shop for the hardwood flooring that will instantly add a classy touch to any room in your home.

When to Go with Light Colors

To lighten and brighten a room, especially if it’s smaller in size, consider light hardwood flooring. And when it comes to decorating with light colored floors, you might find that the neutral base also allows you to experiment with other colors, such as paint and furniture, with greater flexibility.

Whether you go with a beautiful light brown shade that brings the natural world indoors, a modern gray or whitewashed hardwood, a white flooring, or a yellow shade, light hardwood won’t disappoint in a variety of settings. In fact, a light gray hardwood, in particular, can instantly revamp a room. 

Overall, with a neutral, light colored hardwood, you can redesign a room or update your flooring without it clashing with your existing design scheme. A few lovely choices include maple, hickory, oak, and ash, and the right finish can help you achieve the perfect light shade that you want. 

When to Go with Dark Colors

Provided that you have enough natural light streaming in through the windows, along with overhead lighting for when it’s dark out, dark hardwood flooring could be perfect, especially in larger rooms and open concept spaces. In smaller rooms, a dark floor might create the illusion that the space is tighter than it really is. 

There’s a range of dark hardwood flooring shades to choose from. Whether you go with a dramatic black flooring option, or you go with a deep brown, such as classy and warm cocoa brown, this is a smart choice if you want to create a timeless, yet modern, design. And, when you add furniture and décor, it’ll be easier to create eye-catching contrast throughout the space. 

Overall, a dark floor can complement a range of design schemes, whether your aim is to create an inviting space that’s rustic yet refined, or you’re hoping to mix bright colors with dark shades for a fun, modern vibe. Dark hardwood, such as oak or maple, can even serve as the perfect base for a more formal design. 

Somewhere Down the Middle?

When you don’t want to go too dark or too light, there are several medium toned hardwood options available as well. These are perfect when you want flooring that will go with just about any design scheme and color palette. Naturally beautiful, you can find mid-tone wood that can help warm up a space, regardless of its size.

Red shades, such as gorgeous cherry wood, are popular because they’re eye-catching and can serve as a nice complement to more muted or neutral colors in a room. Or you could go with a medium brown or cinnamon shade that’s less dramatic, yet just as attractive.  

Overall, these hardwood shades can give you the traditional wood look that you’re searching for, and they never really go out of style. Plus, medium toned flooring, such as oak and hickory, could also be an ideal choice when you want hardwood that will be easy to decorate around, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to change things up every now and then. 

Find the Perfect Hardwood Shade with the Help of Experts!

 Because your floor plays such an integral role in how a room looks, choosing the best hardwood shade is important. Without the right color on the floor, it can be difficult to pull off your dream design. For example, if you want to create a bold space, the darkest shades can help you achieve that, but if you want to go with a more classic, country inspired look, a medium shade is likely going to be the perfect fit. 

 Selecting the right shade of hardwood flooring for any of the rooms in your home can be challenging if you go about it on your own, especially if you’re having trouble imagining what a new color will look like on your floor. But, with the help of experts like those at Denver Carpet and Flooring, this task can be a lot easier. 

 Contact us to set up a free in-home consultation, during which we’ll bring samples right to your house so you can see what various hardwood colors will look like in a room before you commit to one. That way, you can have the ideal floor color, and the top-quality hardwood product that will add value and beauty to your home.