Carpeting can be a serious concern to any Denver home owner.

Thankfully, we are here to help! With this plush carpeting, your floors can be a joy to touch, whether with bare feet or the paddling of toddlers and young children just learning to walk. You don’t need to have children, no matter the age, to enjoy the soft, cushioning comfort of plush carpeting. Made with soft, though dense, fibers, plush carpeting has the feeling of your favorite stuffed animals conveniently placed throughout your Denver home. With how the fibers are packed tightly together, each step feels like you’re walking on soft padding, leaving you to enjoy walking or even sitting on your new plush carpets.

Plush carpeting is ideal in your Denver home in areas that don’t experience large amounts of traffic.

After a long day at work or experiencing other facets of life, plush carpeting can still give you the comfort that you deserve, providing you with a soft cushion that works well for your aching feet. Compared to other types of carpeting, plush does show footprints more than other types of carpeting. However, it still gives you an easy time cleaning as the chemicals that the fibers are treated in do well in repelling accidental liquid spills, and dirt does not tend to dig down onto the floors beneath the plush carpeting. While the fibers fray easier due to the levels of the fiber ends, plush carpeting is by no means a weak type of carpet. It can fit well in areas of your Denver home such as bedrooms, giving a silky smooth feeling to your feet in your calmest, most personal rooms. If you provide regular cleaning to the plush carpeting, you can keep it looking gorgeous and velvety for years.

We carry many different styles of plush carpeting from companies such as Shaw, Bliss, Camelot, Tuftex, Karastan, Dixie, and Mohawk, with a variety of patterns and colors.

In fact, when it comes to plush carpeting, it has the largest diversity available for you when it comes to the hues and imprints. Whether you want something with a classy pattern for your den, or a single color to make your bedroom comforting, we will work with you to ensure each room in your Denver home will be comfortable. We will bring you samples of patterns and weaves and help you to make the important decision on which styles and colors will work with your décor, to keep the overall feeling of each individual room the way that you want it.

Plush carpets can come in various types of fibers, with nylon assisting to keep your carpeting protected, while other fabrics such as polyester being a bit more affordable to those seeking a less expensive type. No matter your budget, we will be sure that you find the best value for you and your Denver home. After all, you deserve the best that we have to offer, and we will work with you to find the correct brand, the right colors, and the best fibers for your individual needs.

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