Since you have already hired a carpet contractor, you might think that you are now ready for this project! Now all you have to do is relax and wait for the contractors to come. Not necessarily. There are still a few steps you should take to ensure a trouble-free carpet installation.

The following are general guidelines that you should observe prior to the installation of your new carpet.

Disposal of existing carpet

At this point, you need to consider how your old floor covering will be taken up and disposed off. Decide whether you want to rip out the old carpet yourself or you want the installers to do it for you. Of course, there will be an additional charge if the professionals do it for you.

If in case you decide to handle this task on your own, please do so at least one day prior to the installation process.

Relocate your furniture

The area to be carpeted should be completely empty in preparation for the installation process. Most installers will move your furniture as part of their installation, but try to move as much furniture as you can. Also, be sure to remove all breakables and clear the desks, drawer, shelves and book cases.

If you are carpeting a single room, then you can place all the items in the other room. But if the project involves the entire house, you might need to place them in the garage or storage space.


Carpet installers will be using a variety of tools, which can make the work area dangerous for kids. While it is important for homeowners to be present on installation day, we suggest that you keep the kids out of the house in order to make sure that your little ones will not get in the way of the professionals. If they’ll be staying inside the house, make sure that they are attended to and away from the work area.

Protect the floor

Contractors will go in and out of the house while carrying heavy equipments, which can possibly damage your flooring. They can also leave behind mud, dirt and footprints.

Consider laying down old towels, card board or your old carpet to protect your flooring from damage and for easier cleanup as well.