Nothing compares to the smell and ambiance of a live Christmas tree. Not only does it look great, it is also cost effective and environmentally-friendly. Unfortunately for those with hardwood flooring installed in their homes, having real pine tree in your living room can be a scary thought.

The thought of sap stains, scratches and water marks on the floor is enough to make homeowners think twice about having a live Christmas tree on their home.

Here at Denver Carpet and Flooring, we want you to enjoy the beauty of freshly-cut tree while keeping your flooring protected from damage. Hopefully, these tips can help you safely furnish your home with fresh, festive cheer.

Clean the floor

Christmas tree preparation starts even before you bring home the tree. Make sure you have an idea where to set up the Christmas tree and prepare the area before you head out to get one.

Debris trapped under the tree can scratch and damage your floor. It is important that you sweep and clean the floor where you plan to place the tree.

Add extra layer of protection

Get an old blanket or a sheet of plastic and then lay it on your chosen area. This will serve as additional padding underneath your tree’s stand. This provides an extra layer of protection, which will help prevent scratches. The more protection you have, the less likely are you to experience some problems.

Shake the tree

Before bringing the tree inside your home, gently shake it to let loose needles fall.  Loose needles can get trapped between the boards and may scratch the floor. We also recommend sweeping and vacuuming the area around the tree regularly to prevent needles from getting tracked across the floor.

Protect from water damage

It is important that you water the tree daily to prevent the needles from drying and dropping off. Keep in mind, though, that water is the worst enemy of hardwood flooring. Make sure that you wipe up spill immediately to prevent damage. If you have already placed a plastic sheet underneath the tree, then this can help protect your floor in case of spillage.