Now that you’re building your dream home, you are probably considering laying down some hardwood floors throughout your home. After all, it gives a clean and classic look to a home. Plus, it is one of the most sought after commodities when buying a home. But the question is, do you opt for unfinished or pre-finished wood flooring?

A lot of homeowners prefer the flush look of pre-finished wood flooring. It is much easier to install, making it the perfect option for homeowners who need a very quick installation. But there are certain benefits to installing unfinished hardwood floors in your home.

Here are 4 good reasons to consider unfinished wood flooring.

More natural look

There is no denying that wood flooring can add beauty and character to any room in your home. However, some wood flooring doesn’t look as natural because of how they were milled and finished.

Generally speaking, unfinished wood flooring is just raw wood. As such, it usually results in a more natural look. The wood exudes the personality of its natural form, free to show its timeless character.

More control over customization and design options

Finishing hardwood floors on-site allows you to create your own unique finish that suits your interior space. You can apply your own finish or add with a unique stain. This makes it easier for homeowners to finish adjacent rooms and match existing flooring to other areas of their home.

Although installing and finishing unfinished wood flooring takes a bit of time and effort, the results can be highly rewarding.

Availability and option

With pre-finished wood, you’ll have to settle with what’s available at the store. Meanwhile, unfinished wood flooring is usually available in a wide array of species and configurations. Walk into any large supplier of unfinished wood, and you’ll be stunned by the selection available.


Unfinished wood usually cost a bit less than pre-finished wood. Pre-finished wood costs about $4 to $10 per square foot; whereas, unfinished wood is usually $1-2.50 less per square foot.