Stone floors have generally been the domain of cold halls and drafty castles, but thanks to their beauty, versatility and durability, stone floors are becoming the flooring material of choice for both residential and commercial buildings. If you are considering stone flooring in your home, this blog post can help in your decision-making.


Stone floors will add beauty and sophistication to your humble abode. Each type of stone flooring has its own strengths. Granite is urban and edgy. Slate has a rustic appearance. Marble looks sophisticated. However, the beauty of having stone floors definitely come at a price. Installation costs can make it even more expensive.


There is a reason why most ancient structures that are made of stone are still standing today. This is because stone lasts forever. The hard, durable nature of stone flooring makes it ideal for high traffic areas and commercial buildings. Unlike wood floors, which need to be refinished over time, stone floors do not require a lot of maintenance. Stone floor is a solid choice if you are designing a home you hope to live in for the years to come.

With stone floors, you may need to shell out a huge sum of money initially. But since this type of flooring usually lasts a lifetime, you will then realize that it is a worthwhile investment.


Stone floors are versatile and can be used in just about any room in your home. The material is suitable for any environment. It can be used for both interior and exterior.


Since stone flooring is a product of nature, you will find that no two pieces are exactly alike. Some may look similar, but they are never identical. The rocks that are used to make granite, marble and slate tile flooring vary greatly. As a result, they all vary in terms of patterns, colors and textures.

With a wide range of patterns, colors and textures available, you have an unlimited number option to choose from.