When looking to replace old flooring with new carpeting there are two names that truly stand out. Both Shaw Flooring and Mohawk Carpets provide industry standard quality flooring for the discerning homeowner. It is often said that both companies produce some of the best flooring products for hardwood and laminate floors on the market today. And, it is often said that Shaw has great nylon yarn in its carpets while Mohawk carpeting uses SmartStrand technology. Still the question is asked, which is better?

Shaw vs Mohawk

Which Flooring Company Makes the Softest Carpets?

This will always be slightly subjective. A soft carpet can mean different things to different people. Many believe that the Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpets are one of the softest wall to wall type carpets sold today. These luxurious rugs use a special type of extremely soft nylon. This nylon is spun up into a thickness that is a squishy fiber that is three times as thick as typical carpet nylon.

This is a carpet that it is nearly a sin to not enjoy barefoot. The fabric cradles the foot, providing ultimate comfort and satisfaction. Yes, this is a carpet that must be enjoyed to be believed. This is not to say that no Shaw carpets are as comfortable or as soft. The simple truth is that the SmartStrand Silk line of carpeting is simply sumptuous.

Which Flooring Company Makes a More Durable Carpet?

Both Shaw and Mohawk make very durable carpeting. In fact, both companies routinely test each of their products to find out their durability and life span over typical family or business use. Shaw makes this information much more available through its website. Each carpet has its rating clearly marked on the Hexapod test’s one to five scale.

If your primary need is for a carpet that you will know will last while looking its best in your particular home or business then Shaw’s easy access to testing information will come in handy.

Which Carpet and Flooring Company has Better Pricing?

Both Mohawk and Shaw make flooring for all budgets and interior designs. Your new perfect flooring, at a price that works with your budget, may be found with either company. Which product line you ultimately decide on will be dependent on your other needs. Price need not be a constraint.

Which Company Makes a More Long-Lasting Product?

There are many factors that go into the durability of a carpet or other flooring. One of the easiest ways to determine a carpet’s durability will be to look at its Hexapod test results. A carpet that is less durable will be rated closer than to one. A more durable carpet will be rated closer to five.
Another way to determine a carpet’s durability is to examine the style and length of the shag. In general, a more hardy carpet will have a short nap with a smooth appearance. Those wonderfully deep and thick plush carpets are beautiful but the trade off is in a shorter life span.

Find Your New Perfect Flooring For Your Denver Home or Office

Here at Denver Carpet & Flooring we want to provide you with as many choices as possible. This is why we carry the complete line of products from both Shaw Floors and Mohawk Global. This means you will be able to select the perfect product that fits your needs, in the color you desire, while staying within your budget.

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