The holiday is coming! Thanksgiving is just a week away and Christmas is a month away. During this time of the year, homeowners are busy sprucing up their home in time for the holidays. What better way to transform the look and feel of any room in your home than installing new flooring.

Luckily, you still have time to get the brand-new flooring that you’ve been dreaming of installed before the family visits for the holidays. Give your home a makeover by getting new flooring.

Holiday hardwoods

For some people, installing new flooring feels like a luxury they can only dream about. But the holiday season is the perfect time for spoiling the people you love with gifts they wouldn’t buy for themselves. A new floor is a creative gift that your mom or wife will see and appreciate every day.

Hardwood flooring would really dress your home for the holidays. Plus, it is durable, easy to maintain and has a classic look that would never go out of style.

Cozy carpeting

Every year, right after the Halloween, homeowners find themselves rushing around trying to spruce up their home. If your old flooring looks unpresentable, considering getting new carpet. Make sure you have your new carpet installed before your holiday guests arrive.

New carpet is ideal for the holidays and the winter months. In addition to feeling soft and warm, it will also make your home stand out for the holidays. Carpets are also ideal for times spent inside while the weather starts to get cooler.

Low cost laminate

If you are on a tight budget but need new flooring, then you might want to consider installing laminate flooring. It is a low-cost flooring option, but is sure to stun your family and friends as they visit during the holidays.

If you’ve been dreaming of installing hardwood floor, but you don’t have the budget for it, then you might want to consider this option. It looks like hardwood flooring and looks great in just about any home, but it’s far cheaper.

Here at Denver Carpet and Flooring, we carry a huge selection of flooring, so you’re sure to find exactly the flooring you need. We also have experts, who can help you simplify the shopping process and help you decide which flooring will work best for your home.