If you are considering flooring options for your Denver home or office, Berber carpet is a top choice among consumers. Berber is the term that most use to describe this comfy loop – pile carpet that originates in northern Africa. Originally, the Berber tribe created these beautiful designs by hand.  Many years later it was used heavily in office buildings, but today this casual style of carpet has expanded well beyond the board room floors.

Author Cheryl Simmons, of RugsAndCarpets.com, agrees that its increase in popularity has been dramatic in the last ten years. Today you can find Berber carpeting covering the floors of many Denver households, classrooms or other busy areas. The ever expanding list of benefits make it a simple selection. If you are searching for Denver carpeting and flooring options, you’ll want to know the top 3 benefits of Berber.

Highly Durable

One reason why this type of carpet wins is durability. Although comfortable and aesthetically appealing, it is made to withstand.  No one wants to invest in a major carpet install that doesn’t fit their family’s lifestyle and habits.  This flooring is preferred by busy families who want a designer’s touch and improved functionality.

It can be used for areas with heavy traffic like steps, hallways or family rooms.  Its carpet’s tight loops help prevent stains. Its density helps to minimize normal wear and tear.  This is a great bonus for the modern family who is looking to make a long term investment.

Stain Resistant

Who doesn’t love these two words? Once you invest your hard earned money on flooring, it only takes a few minutes for someone to drop a bright colored soda on the carpet or track mud in from the front lawn.  Another advantage of Berber carpet is that it is easy to clean. The loops actually make it difficult for dirt to penetrate deeply.

Different types of fiber vary in their resistance, but Olefin Berber is at the top of the list when it comes to maintenance.  The BerberCarpetGuide.com says that Berber carpet can easily be preserved by vacuuming daily. Owners should also treat stains as soon as the accident occurs. Low maintenance makes it favorable for many busy families, especially those with children and pets.


Another major benefit of Berber is savings. According to WiseGeek.org, Berber carpet costs much less than carpeting of the same grade. The affordability is a key differentiator. Pricing can begin at $2.00 per square foot and rise quickly for more elaborate fibers like nylon or camel hair. Wool Berber is the most expensive option. It can easily start at $80 per square foot.

If durability, stain resistance and economics are things that matter to you, Berber carpeting is the way to go. Whether you have a family of one or ten, you can expect a long lasting flooring solution.  Accidents can be expected but Berber manufacturers leave room for spills and stains. This flooring offers value to anyone considering an install. It’s not wonder why it is a top choice.