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Marble Tile

Are you in search of flooring that will add a classic and sophisticated look to any room in your home? Then look no further than marble tile. Like any natural stone tile, there are several different types of marble available, but no two tiles are exactly the same. Instead, every slab of marble stone features its own unique color variations, hue, and vein patterns, making this an eye-catching flooring choice.

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What makes marble tile such a great option for homeowners?

  • Keeping your floors clean is easy when you have marble tiles installed. Regularly sweeping and mopping will help keep your floors looking like new. These tiles make it a snap to clean up dirt and debris, as well as allergens.  
  • Marble is the most porous of the natural stone tile materials that are available, so it requires a bit more maintenance and care. It’s best to treat marble tile flooring regularly with a protective sealant in order to prevent stains and damage from moisture and spills. Also, if anything acidic falls on the tiles, it needs to be wiped up quickly to prevent corrosion.
  • This flooring is long-lasting, and can add value to your property. Plus, if one of your marble tiles ends up damaged, you can replace that single tile rather than having to replace the entire floor.
  • Marble tiles are an excellent choice if your goal is elegance and sophistication. This flooring can give any room a more regal appearance that would be harder to achieve with other flooring types. There are many designs and colors to choose from, and tiles can also be cut into varying shapes and sizes. Our flooring specialists can help you narrow down your choices to the tiles that will suit your preferences, and your budget, best.  

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Marble Tile Features

Marble is related to limestone, and it is a metamorphic rock, which means it is a rock that has been changed from its original form over millions of years. It gets its characteristic veins from the extremely high heat and pressure that it’s exposed to.

Also, marble stone has actually been a primary choice for high-end designers, architects, and artists throughout human history. In fact, you can see marble in ancient architecture in Rome. Considering the many great features that it boasts, it’s no wonder that this type of tile is still extremely popular amongst homeowners today!

While shopping for marble flooring, it’s important to know that there are a few different types, determined by the finish applied to the tiles:

  • Polished marble is the most elegant finish available. These tiles will be smooth and shiny, to the point that you might even see your reflection in them.
  • Honed marble is also polished, but it features a matte finish. It’s also less slick than classic polished marble, so it can help prevent slipping, making it a great choice for households with seniors, kids, and pets.
  • Sand marble is a mix of sand and marble stones. It tends to showcase a more antique or rustic appearance.  

Marble Tile Installation

Hiring professionals to install your marble tile floor is best, as doing so will ensure the subfloors will be prepared properly and the foundation will be level enough to prevent cracking and damage to your timeless, luxurious tiles.

At Denver Carpet & Flooring, our pros know exactly how to install these tiles for the most beautiful and long-lasting results. We’ll take care of everything, from measuring your space and preparing the subfloors, to setting your tiles perfectly into place.

When shopping for the tile that will enhance a room, our experts can make the experience easy and fun. We’ll even gladly bring samples right to your home to help you choose the product that’s ideal for your needs and design expectations. Then, we’ll provide a detailed quote and get your flooring installed quickly.  

We have a wide range of high-quality tiles available from top brands, and we offer them at prices to suit all budgets. Contact us or schedule a free estimate today to see some of the latest marble trends for yourself.  

Denver Flooring Tip

Denver homeowners should consider that care needs to be taken to prevent scratches and stains on marble tiles, so this may not be the optimal choice for high-traffic areas. And because marble can be slippery, it might not be a good idea in households with seniors and small children who are prone to falling.  

Like other tiles, marble can remain cool during the hot summer season, which might help with reducing your energy costs. Also, this flooring works well with radiant heating systems, so if you are worried about the tiles getting too cold during the Denver winter, radiant heating can help keep your floors warm and your room cozy when it’s chilly outside.  

Overall, marble does require some extra maintenance, so busy Denver homeowners might find it too much to keep up with. It might be best to install marble in a low-traffic room where spills and scratches aren’t likely to happen. You might even choose to walk around in socks, and apply felt pads to the bottoms of chairs, as well as use area rugs, to protect your tiles from getting scratched by furniture.  

Are you ready to browse the many high-quality marble floor tile designs that are available? Contact the experts at Denver Carpet & Flooring today to get started!








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