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Stone Tile  

Even though natural stone materials have been used for thousands of years, stone flooring was once only available to those who had the budget to splurge on lavish home designs. Thanks to its growing popularity and new efficiencies in manufacturing, however, stone tiles are more accessible than they were in the past. Now, even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with, you can find the beautiful stone flooring that will complement any room.  

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What makes stone tile such a great option for homeowners?

  • One thing that differentiates stone from other types of tile is the fact that it is able to bring the colors and textures of nature into your home. It also adds a quality of warmth to a room. And it can be used both indoors and out.
  • Considered a low-maintenance and durable flooring material, stone tile is easy to keep clean. Sweeping, mopping, using a standard soft brush, and wiping up spills with a cloth is all you need to do. The stain-resistant and hygienic surface also doesn’t retain debris, such as dust and pet hair, like carpet would.
  • Stone tiles are a fabulous choice when you want to incorporate flooring that will add more value to your home and always be in style. This option is considered timeless, classy, and elegant, and it’s also eye-catching because every tile is unique in terms of texture, color, shading, density, and markings, so no two tiles are exactly the same.   
  • Stone materials come in many different colors and varieties, such as marble, granite, slate, flagstone, travertine, and limestone, so it’s easy to find a product that will match your décor. To discern which type of stone flooring makes the most sense for your space, you can speak with our flooring specialists, who can help you narrow down your choices to the tiles that will suit your preferences and budget best.  
  • Stone tiles won’t crack easily, but if a tile does become damaged, it can often be buffed out easily to restore its appearance. And, as is the case with other tile options, if you need to replace a single tile, you can do so without having to replace the entire floor.

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Stone Tile Features

Did you know that natural stone has been used for centuries in monuments and castles? This extremely durable material can last for hundreds of years, so it’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want a floor that will continue looking like new for a long time to come.

Luxurious stone tiles can be used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor areas. These versatile tiles instantly give a room a more expensive look, and they can help open up a space while adding a natural touch of style.

For eco-conscious consumers, stone tile is a top choice. It’s considered one of the most sustainable flooring products because it’s made of natural materials that don’t require many harsh chemicals during manufacturing.

Stone Tile Installation

Hiring professionals to install your stone tile floor is always recommended. Doing so will ensure the subfloors are prepared properly and the foundation will be level enough to prevent damage to the tiles.

At Denver Carpet & Flooring, our pros know how to install stone tiles for the most beautiful and long-lasting results. We’ll take care of everything, from measuring your space and preparing the subfloors, to setting your tiles perfectly into place.

We have a wide range of high-quality tiles available from top brands, and we offer them at prices to suit all budgets. Plus, our experts can make shopping for tiles easy and fun. Take advantage of our shop-at-home experience, during which we bring samples to your home so you can choose the product that fits your space best. After making your selection, we’ll provide a detailed quote and get your flooring installed quickly.  

Contact us or schedule a free estimate today to see some of the latest stone trends for yourself.

Denver Flooring Tip

Busy Denver homeowners who want to add tiles to their home often consider stone because it’s so durable and easy to maintain. Even if you walk in with dirty shoes, the debris won’t be difficult to clean up, and it won’t damage your resilient stone tiles either. Plus, if you have kids and pets that tend to make messes, this tile will be strong enough to withstand it all.

Beyond that, stone might even help you save money on your energy costs throughout the year. During harsh Denver winters, stone can absorb and release heat, thereby helping to reduce your heating costs. And if you choose to install radiant floor heating for more warmth and coziness under your feet during the cold season, stone is a top choice because it conducts heat so well. Then, in the summer, these tiles can also help maintain cooler temperatures in a room as well, so you can continue saving money on your utility bills.

Finally, if you wish to beautify your outdoor living areas, stone tiles are a superior choice. Homeowners who want to add more value to their property by sprucing up their backyard can take advantage of the many styles of stone tile that are available.    

Are you ready to browse stone floor tile designs? Contact the experts at Denver Carpet & Flooring today to get started!








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