Tiles that look like wood is one of the biggest trends in home decor. It came out a few years ago and has been growing ever since. It was first introduced as a modern take on hardwood floors. As the wood tile trend gained momentum, this has inspired all sorts of new dimensions for tiles. Now, there are plenty of styles, finishes and colors to choose from.

If you like the beauty of hardwood flooring, but want the versatility of tile floors, you can have the best of both. Wood-like tiles offer the picture-perfect look of hardwood flooring as well as the durability and ease of care of ceramic and porcelain tiles. These tiles are resistant to stains, scratches, moisture and fire. They can also stand up extremely well to heavy traffic. Plus, it’s difficult to tell at a glance that the flooring is tile instead of wood.

Unlike wood, tiles do not crack or expand in wet environments. It is a great choice if you live in areas with a humid climate. This is also recommended for homeowners who want to install wood flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, decks and around pools. Now, you can have the warm look of wood without the fear of water damage.

Wood’s attractive appearance remains popular. However, its price is causing a lot of homeowners to give other options a second look. If you want the natural look of wood, but you’re on a budget, then this is the perfect alternative. It is often a cheaper alternative to wood flooring. With wood-like tiles, you get a luxurious look for half the price. Keep in mind, though, that the price varies depending on the type of finish you want. If you opt for higher quality tiles, it may cost the same, or even higher, than wood tiles.